The Deans Eat // Seventy Six

Hi friends, Happy Monday! When life feels a bit more like a whirlwind and you’re getting too caught up in the schedules and to-do lists it’s good to sit down, breathe, look at what you’ve done, and what’s to come. This is why I decided to do a little weekend recap as well as chat a little about the week to come. If you are just here to see the menu, scroll on down and see what we are eating this week. I hope you all have a fantastic week and can breathe deep in all your crazy too.

Weekend Recap | Friday night consisted of pizza + Netflix; aka an introvert’s favorite Friday night. Saturday consisted of a little adulting at the DMV, visiting a couple local shops (fresh meat and sweet pastries anyone?), too many hours in AT&T stores pre-ordering new phones, easy dinner at home, laundry and a little productivity-but only a little. Sunday was a beautiful and much needed Sabbath. Early morning service at church (still adjusting, so early!), homemade Sunday lunch/dinner shared with loved ones – Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Veggies, Rolls, & Sweet Tea. Then plenty of football mixed with Sunday naps and prepping for Monday. The weekend was busy and beautiful and slipped by far too quickly.

This Week | As I look at the week ahead of me I have to stop, take a biiiig deep breathe, make a to-do list or two, and dive in head first. Husband and I both have full work weeks, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment, maintenance on the car, yet another trip to the DMV, and then vacation prep! We start our vacation adventure as soon as Husband gets home on Friday, so we really need to be ready to hit the road when we head to bed Thursday night. I don’t know about you, but when I head out on a trip, I have to leave the house in pretty good condition. Clean sheets, beds made, dishes clean + put away, floors swept, laundry done – you get the idea, right? This is especially important when you know you won’t be getting home until late Sunday night and real life will hit you again early Monday morning (ugh, I’m already dreading this). Needless to say, our meals are crazy simple this week. Nobody has time to waste in the kitchen cooking or cleaning this week. Here’s to hoping for a good, productive, stress free week and then…

V A C A T I O N !

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Spaghetti & Salad

Tuesday | BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Wednesday | Pork Chops & Veggies

Thursday | Leftovers/Easy Meal Out

Friday | Dinner to-go

Saturday | Vacation officially begins!

Currently | September

Oh September, how I love you. Gorgeous blue skies, sunny days with a coolness to the air, autumn’s arrival, and so many wonderful things. I’m happy to welcome this month as well as quite a few exciting things that go along with it – Family visits, Vacation, 2nd Trimester (!!!!!!!), a wedding, and so many other wonderful little things. It’s going to be a good month, that’s for sure. Per the norm, I am linking up with a great group of ladies for this month’s Currently post!


READING| I’ve been reading, well maybe more like skimming, pregnancy books & blogs. I’ve got Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, The Birth Partner, & Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way all stacked up in my bedroom. I’ve always loved reading about birth and pregnancy, but actually experiencing it for myself is even better! I’m open to any suggestions for your favorite pregnancy, birth or motherhood books that I should add to my stack.

TRYING | To prep for vacation! We leave in a little over a week for a little beach get away followed by our dear friends’ wedding. I’m typically a major planner, but guys I haven’t even made my first draft of a packing list! What am I thinking?! Ha! I need to start planning because we only have this weekend then a few nights next week to prepare.

HOPING | That yesterday was the last 90 degree day Ohio will see until, oh I dunno, June 2017? (Weird thought, I’ll have a 2 month old baby when June arrives!!!) I love Fall and I would hate to see it skipped over. I’m all for the warm temps on vacation in SC later this month, but Ohio should really be done with 90 degree weather, don’t you think?

DECORATING | Our apartment. We still have quite a bit of unpacking and settling in to do here, but slowly we are getting things done. With first trimester exhaustion, I had a pretty hard time finding the energy and motivation to unpack boxes in my free time. Also, with fall arriving I’m ready to get out my fall decor and start decorating for my favorite time of year! Do you have any favorite fall decorations?

TO-DO LISTING | Everything! But specifically post-move to-do’s and pre-baby to-do’s. We still have quite a few things we need to finish doing now that we have moved like finalize all address changes (I know, I know, should have been done ages ago), get Ohio plates on my car, unpack, order new checks, etc. I’m also already starting on a pre-baby to-do list. It’s amazing how quickly time can go and knowing we are only a little over 6 months away, I know I need to get organized and start planning ahead. Do you have any little known tips for things to get done before baby comes? I’d love some ideas.

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The Deans Eat // Seventy Five

Life has been a whirlwind recently. We made a little announcement last week…


Mini M&M Coming March 2017!


We are thrilled, but it has definitely brought some changes. It’s added to the stress and the crazy of a move and made adjusting even more difficult. Thankfully I’m almost to the 2nd Trimester so hopefully the next few months will be even easier.

While I haven’t been too sick, I have been exhausted which makes cooking dinner tough when all you feel like doing is sleeping as soon as you get off work. I’ve pushed through most nights, but it’s definitely been a challenge. This week I’m just sharing a few meals because let’s face it, it’s already Tuesday, tonight we are going out because we still have to grocery shop, and we will probably go out at some point this weekend. Making an effort to eat at home when we can is still good of course, I’m just trying not to beat myself up if we end up having to eat out more often than we used to. Check below to see what meals I am tackling this week and I’d love to hear about yours!

The Deans Eat 2

Tuesday – Out & Grocery Shopping

Wednesday – Chicken Philly Sandwiches

Thursday – Taco Soup

Friday –  Chicken Potato Bake

Saturday – Make-up Meal/Out

Sunday – Sunday Roast Beef Meal

Currently | August

August completely snuck up on me. I wasn’t even thinking about it being the first Wednesday of the month until I saw that a fellow blogger had done their August Currently post! I knew I didn’t want to miss the chance to share about what was going on in our lives right now, especially with so many changes! I’ll warn you, this is definitely the “Moving/New City” edition of currently. So if hearing about our move and new life in Ohio is boring, by all means feel free to skip this, but if you’ve been wondering what we are up to then read on my friends!


HEARTING | This new stage of life. Now, don’t let my affection for it fool you. It hasn’t been all rosy and I’m still adjusting to being home alone more often than not. But I love our new similar schedules and weekends!!! Have I mentioned we have actual weekends for the first time in our marriage? I really am excited for this new stage and all it has in store for us. It makes my heart VERY happy so I would definitely say I am hearting this.

WATCHING | Lots of baseball, Family Feud, and my current favorite Netflix binge- Jane The Virgin. Husband and I have cable for the first time in our 3 years of marriage. Husband is thrilled with having some sports channels to watch, especially Cincinnati Reds baseball games. We have also found that most nights when we sit down to eat dinner Family Feud is the only thing worth watching (I know, we are so boring). I’ve been watching the second season of Jane The Virgin and guys, I love this show so much. The colors, the filming, the story line, everything about it. It’s silly, but I enjoy it immensely.

EXPLORING | Our new city and home town. We live about 25 minutes from downtown Cincinnati but we also have quite a lot of amazing things in our neck of the woods. We love having the city close enough to take advantage of all it has to offer. We are finally figuring out our basic way around and learning the major road ways. I’m happy to say I can get quite a few places without the GPS. There is still plenty to explore though!

CREATING | a home! Slowly but surely this new apartment is becoming our home. We still have about a million boxes to unpack, but it really is starting to feel like home. I’m excited to embrace all of the new things I love about this apartment and really create a welcoming, cozy home.

EATING | too much Cincinnati style chili. You guys don’t need to know how many times we have had some form of Cincinnati style chili over the last week and a half, but it’s an embarrassingly large number. We’ve always loved it and it was our favorite thing to eat when visiting. We thought the draw would be gone once we lived here, but so far, I still want it 24/7.

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Goodbye & Hello

In one week we will load up the moving truck and leave Beckley, WV. In 8 days we will leave our beloved West Virginia and make a new home in Ohio. With so many big changes, there are so very many emotions. At first, I felt like there were too many big and exciting things happening for me to feel sad, so I should just ignore any sad feelings. Then my friend Moriah who is going through big life changes as well wrote about the things she will miss over on Untidy Grace. She stated it so well…”Just because it’s time doesn’t mean it won’t be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. And the two feelings- that elation & fierce loss- will war within you.” Needless to say, there has been a constant war within my heart these past few weeks.

In attempt to honor and recognize the loss, I wanted to write about it. West Virginia has made these first 22 years pretty spectacular, but I have faith that Ohio is going to treat us pretty well too. As I write this, I can truthfully admit, I don’t think I have any idea what we are getting ourselves into, nor have I accepted this reality of how much our lives are about to change. Someone once told me, one of the only consistent things in life is change, and I think that’s pretty true. As we enter into these coming days of change and uncertainty I’m so incredibly thankful for the things I am certain of: My husband and our relationship, a family that loves and supports us – even from afar, and a God who has directed our path’s for his Glory and our good.

I’m preparing to say goodbye to some major things in my life. My heart aches, tears are shed, and I mourn the losses. Thankfully, I’m stepping into some amazing things and I am so ready and excited to say hello to those. The lists below are by no means exhaustive and in no particular order, but they are on my heart and mind right now. Have you had to say goodbye & hello to anything recently?

wv to oh


  1. Mountains all around me.
  2. Being only an hour from my momma (and just a little further from my sister).
  3. Worship with our WV church family.
  4. Being a house away from a spectacular aunt & uncle.
  5. Our colorful & quirky apartment.
  6. The local coffee shop where we are on a first name basis.
  7. So many people we love.
  8. Being 10 minutes (& no traffic) away from everything we need.
  9. Quick trips to Charleston for family & fun.
  10. A lifetime of experiences and their reminders; especially these first 3 years of marriage.


  1. City living – well, *near* a city living.
  2. Cincinnati style chili – my fav.
  3. Being close to other family members & meeting new baby cousins.
  4. Nearby Target, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, & More.
  5. New apartment to make into home in a fantastic location (& it has a pool!)
  6. Exploring and finding new favorite local places.
  7. Husband’s new job and establishing his career.
  8. Events and opportunities in our city; Sporting events, concerts, theater, and more.
  9. Hosting our family for weekend visits and showing off our new home and city. Helping them love it like we do.
  10. Growing closer to my husband as we step out in faith and build a new lifetime of experiences and memories.