The Deans Eat // Seventy Nine

I’m a day late getting this posted…so Happy Tuesday friends! I’m pretty bad about writing these posts but never putting the finishing details on them and then pressing publish. I hope you’ll forgive me.

This past weekend was a fun one as we celebrated Husband’s birthday! It started on Friday when we had a simple dinner out together, just us. While we were there we realized something, we could not remember the last time we ate out at a restaurant together just the two of us. It’s been months I’d say. Anyways, then we ran some errands, played video games in bed, and Husband watched some football. Saturday consisted of sleeping in (at least it did for me!), lunch out, attempting & failing at Christmas shopping, a yummy dinner at home and a relaxing night in. Sunday was the big event! We got up and ready church at 9, then afterwards an outfit change and a quick bite to eat, then straight to downtown for the Bengal’s football game! Our seats were great, they broke their losing streak, and other than a few minutes of rain we stayed dry and warmish. Total success! Husband claims it was a great birthday weekend, so we will call it a win for sure.


With the busy weekend, grocery shopping was not even on our radar. Thankfully we had a meal from last week that we didn’t end up making, so we were good to go on Monday, but the question still arose, when will we grocery shop? With both of us working full time it’s tough to make it to the store for a big trip during the week. I was dreading heading out in the cold rain last night to shop and that’s when I decided this week would be a perfect week to finally try out Kroger ClickList! Major perk of moving to the “Big City” is that this is an option here. It’s not an option at our closest Kroger, but there are a couple stores not too far away that offer it. Basically, you shop online, choose a time for the next day, place your order, then drive and pick it up without ever getting out of your car. I think your first time is free, and it’s typically a charge of around $5. I’m going to pick up our grocery order on my lunch break today! I can’t wait to see how it goes, hopefully it’s a success! I’ll be sure to update you on this whole experience later on. I’m just really thankful for it today when it’s freezing, raining, and I’m not feeling too hot (hi sore throat, please go away). Checkout what meals we are eating at below!

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Turkey & Black Bean Enchiladas (Didn’t make last week!)

Tuesday | Spaghetti & Salad

Wednesday | Double Stuffed Lemon Garlic Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Veggies

Thursday | Chili

Friday | Chicken Pasta

Saturday | Out @ Wedding

Sunday | Out with Sister

Holiday Home Tour | 2016

This week of holiday goodness has been filled with making our apartment feel cozy & fun with Christmas decorations. I would love for you to come in and take a peek at some of my favorite decor. Now, before you come in let me tell you – this decor and these pictures are not “Pinterest Perfect”. This is the real life of a young wife (and momma-to-be) who is on a budget and isn’t an expert at decor, DIY, or photography. So now come in, relax, and enjoy this beautiful holiday season.

Holiday Home Tour

For the front door, a simple wreath that will last all winter, not just the Christmas season. Hobby Lobby wreath with some simple blue & silver embellishments.

holiday-home-tour-6Living room view – color, lights, and those big beautiful wall of color, vintage heirloom decor, a piece of our WV home and a creamy glass of eggnog. holiday-home-tour-17My favorite part – This ribbon wall hanging was super simple to pull together and I think it really pulls the room together. We’ve procrastinated on hanging things on the wall since moving so I knew I wanted something big that drew a lot of attention and this was just the thing! It was easy to pull this together while binge watching Gilmore Girls and it’s not too late for you to pull one together too. holiday-home-tour-60

Each shelf on our bookcase has a little Christmas decor pulled in. Christmas trees and color were the key here. I love how it all turned out! holiday-home-tour-52holiday-home-tour-51


That book right there, Unafraid by Francine Rivers is a holiday favorite. Mary’s story and the story of Christmas from her point of view. Based on scripture with a story telling twist. It makes things so real and I’m really looking forward to reading it this Christmas season as I am expecting my own son. I absolutely recommend it!holiday-home-tour-55

A little garland around the TV (Where you can expect there to be a constant battle between cheesy holiday movies and sports).holiday-home-tour-69

Now let’s head into the dining room full of glorious natural light, where some vintage Christmas vinyl is spinning on the record player. My colorful Fiesta dishes  are on display, a simple centerpiece on the table, and hopes for some special holiday season meals shared here.



Since I spend a good bit of time in the kitchen, it only seemed appropriate to pull a little bit of the cheerful decor in here too. A simple wreath and cute towel (that I got for $2!). I’ll probably bring a holiday candle in here too!holiday-home-tour-71 holiday-home-tour-74

I wanted a little something in our guest spaces as well. For now we’ve just got a simple branch tree in our guest bathroom. I hope to add something to our guest room soon as well, but we’ve got a little work to do in there first. holiday-home-tour-78

Last, but certainly not least I worked on making this corner of our master bedroom functional, cozy, and Christmasy. I just got all of this jewelry out and put the tree up and it’s bringing me quite a bit of joy. holiday-home-tour-100

Now that it’s gotten dark, let’s bask in the glow of the Christmas trees in the living just once more. holiday-home-tour-81


Well that’s all friends, please come again soon. I’m sure I’ll be enjoying many evenings enjoying this Christmas filled home. It’s so nice to have everything tidy and ready to go for the month of December which we all know is a crazy one. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Before you go, you should absolutely go check out the lovely Moriah over at Untidy Grace. Her Holiday Home Tour went up this weekend and needless to say, she has such a gift for making her house a home (see a little peek below!). It definitely made me want to head straight to her apartment and enjoy something warm to drink and chats around her tree. Also follow-up tomorrow with Rachel as she shares her tour right HERE.


The Deans Eat // Seventy Eight

Happy Monday Friends! I truly hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one and that you got to spend time with those you love and praise God for all he has done for you. This year Thanksgiving was different for us as we weren’t in West Virginia, but we had a great time nonetheless. We are so thankful for the family we do have here that we were able to celebrate with.

As is normal, the week after Thanksgiving is always a bit crazy as we jump headfirst into Christmas celebrations. For us, we always have Husband’s birthday to celebrate as well! We won’t be doing too much traditional celebrating this weekend because we are putting all of our energy into his birthday present – tickets to the Bengal’s football game on Sunday! Husband is a huge football fan and has really wanted to go to a game. Knowing we are going to have a little one soon and money and time will be precious we figured now would be the best time to enjoy a game. I’m crossing my fingers for good weather and a win for our team (they desperately need it…). I’m really excited to get to experience this with him and he is ECSTATIC. I’ll update you on that first time experience next week! Husband picked the meals this week since it is his birthday afterall and they happen to be some of my favorite comfort foods. Also, be sure to check back in later because I have a Holiday Home Tour going up and I can’t wait to share!

The Deans Eat 2

Monday | Potato Soup

Tuesday | Chicken Pepper Pasta

Wednesday | Shepherd’s Pie

Thursday | Enchiladas

Friday | Out for Husband’s Birthday!

Saturday | Pork Chops & Veggies

Sunday | Out @ Bengal’s Football game for Husband’s Birthday!

Baby Dean | 22 Weeks

So remember a few months ago, in the midst of all of the crazy this life has thrown our way, when I let you in on our secret? Well in case you don’t remember, we are expecting a little one to join our family in March 2017. I’ve been a little torn on deciding what things to share because I love sharing my life on this blog and social media, but this little life inside me is not entirely mine to share. There is no perfect solution and someday I could change my mind on all of this, but until then I will strive to make wise decisions in sharing but not oversharing. Today, I want to share some exciting stuff though! Grab a snack and read on, this is going to be a long one friends!


It’s a boy!

Last weekend we went home to see our families and tell them the big news. We found out at our anatomy scan ultrasound earlier in the week, but kept it a secret for a few days before telling them. It was such a fun get together with the people we love the most and we really enjoyed our time! I got these super cute scratch cards from Etsy for the reveal. I knew we wanted to do something so each person could have a little mini reveal since Husband and I already knew, it didn’t make much sense to do a cake or something like that. We were so happy with the way things turned out. The majority of everyone there thought it was a girl and when we went over some old wives tales the verdict was 3 girl – 6 boy. My momma was especially happy as she’s dreamed of a little boy for quite a while. We are thrilled and yes, Husband got quite emotional when the ultrasound tech said it was a boy.

So once the gender was revealed, the inevitable question was asked “What’s his name?”. Most of our family knew our girl name but we hadn’t really revealed the boy name yet as it had just been picked a couple weeks before. I desperately wanted a boy and girl name picked before the ultrasound so we could immediately know who this little one would be. We wanted something meaningful, timeless, masculine, yet unique. We searched lists and tried family names out from all sides. Mason had been on our list since high school, but that name has gained a lot of popularity since then, so we scratched that off the list. I would regularly look at name lists in my free time and one name kept standing out to me; it fit all the criteria and was a really special name to us, just not one we had previously considered. I was home alone and I tried it out with the middle name we liked and it just clicked. I felt a little crazy because I hadn’t even talked to Husband about this yet, so I quickly sent him a text and he agreed, it was perfect.

Hudson Alexander

Hudson is the last name of a man (and his family!) that has made an incredible impact on our lives. From being our youth pastor through our sometimes difficult teen years to marrying us before man and God as we officially began our lives together. Alexander is a middle name I’ve loved since high school for no specific reasons. Although I might admit that with my recent Hamilton obsession (based on founding father, Alexander Hamilton) I knew that if we had a son, I definitely wanted his middle name to be Alexander, thankfully Husband agreed. Our little man has a name and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s such a wonderful thing being able to talk to our little man and call him by name. We are having a son! EEEEEEEK! Now, for other important updates.

Baby H (How he will affectionately be known around these parts)

Size: Guinea Pig – HA! About a foot long and around a pound (if not a little bigger per the last ultrasound)

Movement: Feeling him move multiple times each day, trying to see if there are any patterns or triggers. Movements are definitely getting stronger with each day, I love it!

Development: His ears are developing more and more so he is hearing me and will start recognizing voices in the not too distant future. Also at the anatomy scan they said he is absolutely perfect and growing like a weed (although maybe a bit too much growth…here’s hoping he’s not a 10lb+ baby!). 


Craving: Not much really, I haven’t had any strong consistent cravings, although if I get it in my mind I want something, I reallyyyy want it!

Looking Forward To: Finishing our registry, although this might be causing me a bit of anxiety as well. There are so many options! Baby stuff is overwhelming but I’m trying to stick a more minimal feel and gender neutral on the big items. Hopefully we will have that done soon-ish though!

Health: I’ve been feeling pretty good overall although the second trimester has brought some pretty killer headaches that I’m ready to be done with. I also found out a couple concerning things at my recent Dr appointment that need specific prayer. 1) Placenta Previa, without going into too many details it can be dangerous at times but it also fixes itself a lot of the time. There is time for it to fix itself, so while I take things a bit more carefully for now we are diligently praying that God would allow it to be fixed and also praising Him that even if it isn’t, thanks to modern medicine Baby H and I should be just fine. 2) Gestational Diabetes is a bit of a concern. He is measuring ahead with a pretty round tummy which can sometimes be a sign of GD. We did a random screening last week and things came back PERFECTLY but they still want to go ahead and do an official early screening this coming week. While I selfishly pray I don’t have it, I really just want to know so I can adjust accordingly if needed for both of our health’s sake. Please be praying!

Well, I’ve written WAY too much in this blog post, so I’m going to sign off now. I promise to come back a little more regularly with updates on how things continue to go for both myself and Baby H! We so appreciate your prayers as we continue on this exciting, wonderful and terrifying journey of parenthood.





The Deans Eat // Seventy Seven – I’m Back!

Hi friends and Happy November 14th! Okay, I know I know, November 14th is nothing special, but somehow we have made it halfway through the 11th month of the year and I’m at a loss for where the rest of the year went. So today I celebrate Monday, I celebrate November, and I celebrate cold weather being here to stay (even if Husband is protesting the cold).

I haven’t been around much recently and I can’t promise I’ll be around much in the days to come, but we can hope! I haven’t written since before vacation, which seems like a life time ago. Things have been a bit crazy since then though. We’ve either had guests or been out of town 5 of the last 7 weekends. It’s been wonderful having visitors, but busy weekends can be rough too. This past weekend we visited WV for the first time since moving and it was just what our hearts needed after all the crazy in our world recently. It was a weekend of family & friends, fun, but also rest. I was able to meal plan on the drive home and Husband ran to the store while I unpacked. It’s always nice to start Monday with food in the house! This week is a bit of a weird one, but we will be eating at home at least a few times. I’m most looking forward to warming up with a cozy bowl of chili tonight, plus that gives me leftovers for a day or two at least! With cold weather comes the best foods of the year – soup! What is your favorite winter soup?

The Deans Eat 2

Monday – Chili

Tuesday – Chicken Parmesan and Salad

Wednesday – Out/Easy Meal (I have a root canal and cooking likely won’t be on my radar)

Thursday – Feast @ Church (A holiday meal with our church family that raises money for holiday meals for people in our city)

Friday – Feast @ Church – This time we will be helping serve!

Saturday – Kielbasa, Homemade Mac & Cheese and Veggies

Sunday – Out or make-up meal