Hello World!

Well this isn’t my first time blogging. This is just i didn’t like blogspot anymore, so i thought I’d try something new! But anyways in case anyone new reads this i thought i’d do a small introduction.

I’m Megan Elizabeth Hodges your welcome to call me Meg.I’m 15 and im a homeschooled sophomore. I have a younger sister who is 13. I play piano and im in search of a keyboard or piano. Reading is pretty important to me, it allows me to escape. I enjoy taking pictures. I dont get to do it enough, i would love to have a nice camera but lets forget that idea for now. I have wonderful friends whom love me very much. I serve an amazing God who is my #1 guy. hmmm this is me. really I’m gonna put a quiz thing on here now…and occaisionaly in the future so you can learn more about me.

Do you put shampoo in your left or right hand?
– my right.

Do you type how you speak?
– yes mostly. At least i think so.

Do you understand football?

Ever stayed up all night on the phone?
– yes.

When is the last time you got really frustrated?
– currently.

Do you ever think “what if” about anything?
– more than i should

In the past week have you cried?
– yes a few times.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
– yes many reasons. 🙂

Has anyone said they love you in the last week?
– yes a few people have.

Do you usually have weird dreams?
– not as often anymore. but they still pop up alot

Do you like your bed?
– yes. very comfy =]

Will this weekend be a good one?
– yes *smiles*

Blue, black, or red pens? or another color?
– purple actually 🙂

Does the person you like know you like them?
– Yes i would hope so 🙂

Do you curse a lot?
– no never.

Would you go in public looking like you do right now?
– yep.

Who were you last on the phone with?
– who knows… mom? wiat no amber 🙂

Who will you be sleeping with tonight?
– my teddy bear. and thats all

Can you ice skate?
– mmm i would say so.yes

Do you have a brother?
– yes

Do you do your own laundry?
– mostly yes.

Baths or showers?
– showers

Last thing someone bought for you?
– movie ticket 🙂

Is there someone you will never forget?
– Yes, many someones

Looking back, did you ever think you’d be where you’re at in life now?
– never.

Do you like cuddling?
– sometimes.

What are you doing right now?
– procrastinating

What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
– checked my phone

How often do you get a new comment or message on Myspace?
– myspace, well i dont have one.

How many pictures do you have saved on your computer?
-to many…im afraid im going to loose them all.

Do you like your cell phone?
– oh i love my phone.

Do you like to wear sweatpants?
– not really.

Have you ever stolen a sign from a street?
– you know me.

When was the last time you were disappointed?
-last night..

Do you have piercings?
– 2 in each ear.

Do you miss your past?
– Not really no.

Did you speak to your father today?
– not yet no.

When was the last time you hugged someone?
– about an hour ago. iloveyou erin.

Has a boy put their arm around you in the past 5 days?
– yes.

What did you do last night?
– cleaned.

Are you talkative?
– the majority of the time.

Who is first under “D” in your contacts in your cell phone?
– Dad.

Who was the last person you talked to in person?
– Erin or my sister

Do you hate the last guy you had a conversation with?
– most definitely not.

Does anyone know your password beside you, who?
– yes.

Would you rather be a girl or a guy?
– A girl.

Is your dad over the age of 40?
– yes

What is your favorite kind of weather?
– cold.snowy.boots gloves scarves kinda weather

Would you rather trade lives with anyone?

Is there anyone that you wish was out of your life?
– no 🙂

Have you ever been in the newspaper?
– yes a few times.

When did you last go to the beach?
– summer of ’07

What is your favorite color(s)?
– blue.teal.green.black.purple.

Are you someone who worries too often?
– sadly yes.

What does your hair look like today?
– straight.

Is there a guy/girl that knows everything or mostly everything about you?

Would you ever get a tattoo?
– most likely not.

Would you take a bullet for anyone?
– I would.

Is there a member of the opposite sex that means a lot to you?
– yes.

What cant you wait for?
– Christmas.

Are you moving?
– I wish.

Do you miss anyone?
– yes….plenty.

Do you hate the last person you talked to?
– definitely not.

Is anything wrong with your eyes?
– slightly.

Do you cry when you get an injury?
– normally.

Do you know anyone with the same middle name as you?
– yes.

Do you have a someone of the opposite sex that you talk to every day?
– Yes.

Where is your phone?
– on my lap.

Have you ever fallen backwards on a chair?
– yes I have.

Who makes you laugh the most?
– Matt 🙂

Do you have a best friend?
-yes a few.

Are any of your friend’s so close that you consider them family?
– yes.

Wallpaper on your phone?
– Matt and I. Fall Social 🙂

And to finish this post off. a few pictures. of my life.

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