On a Night Like This

*On a night like this i could fall in love fall in love with you* or so the song goes. I’m thinking its more like On a night like this i could fall in love with this. I’m staying at my Aunt Becky’s house right now, in Ravenswood. I love it up here. It’s so great and i especially love it around the holidays. My life has been so beyond incredibly insane recently its nice to just sit back and relax. and this is the perfect place to do it.

Today was a great day I got up packed and got ready for the day. Uncle Greg came down and picked me and katie up then we went and picked up Matt from school. Then we went out with mom for dinner at Golden Corral and enjoyed hanging out and talking. Later in the evening we went home loaded up the car and headed to Ravenswood. I spent the evening playing with Abby and I watched my sisters keeper with Katie and uncle Christian. this was a beyond wonderful movie, but we weren’t aware of the language..and it wasnt good. So now im sitting in bed almost asleep just waiting on my sheets for my bed to dry.ouse where

Tomorrow we will get up and head to Papa’s house where uncle greg is fixing breakfast. Chocolate Chip Belgium Waffles for me….mmm yummy.  Then Katie and I are probably gonna go shopping i forgot shoes for church tomorrow night so a perfect excuse for new shoes. We will just walk around town if the weather allows that is. I will probably either help with cooking and watching Abby tomorrow during the day and then church tomorrow evening. Thursday of course, is Thanksgiving! We will get up and watch the parade of course. I’ll help cook and enjoy the day. This thanksgiving will be different for us. Last year was hard enough with it being our first year with out my Mama. but this year will be even more different. My papa’s lady friend will be joining us.*sigh* it wont be the same.

oh how i miss Mama, life isnt the same anymore. It never will be. i want her to be here. seeing what  type of person im turning in to. I want her to meet Matt and to tell me what a wonderful boy he is. And i miss hearing her say how proud she is of me. I miss coming up and us going shopping renting movies. Making popcorn. I miss her hugs. i miss the way she cooked i even miss her smell. I miss laying in bed with her at night when she would tell me stories. I miss her snoring and keeping me awake. what i would give for her to be snoring and keeping me from sleeping now. I know this isnt the same. But Mama i love you.and i miss you.

Anyways sorry, So friday we will just enjoy fellowship and leftovers and i might be heading home that night so i can go with Matt’s family saturday. If not then i’ll stay here and be going to a family reunion in Statesville Saturday. Sounds perfect to me.

Well I’m gonna go to bed soon. goodnight all


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