It’s only a paper moon

i never update. but i dont care. I just need it here as an outlet when im ready to. im insanely busy, like right now for instance there are about 10 things i could be working on, and i choose to blog. oh my im crazy. I have so much in my life right now. each week holds: School,piano,CoraVoce,AHG,church,friends,Speech,Biology Lab, SO much more. oh too… anyways.

It always happens. I get busy. Caught up. I forget about God. its awful. when really.he’s all i need. i CANNOT survive the busyness without him. so why so often do i let him fall to the side? i cant answer that question. but hes here again. holding my hand…because i fell. and he had to help me back up. So im gonna walk my life my hand in his. falling in love with Him.

So life, hmm nothing toooo exciting. Got into cora voce 🙂 pretty cool. I’m a double dipper switching back and forth between 2nd soprano and alto 🙂 its fun. alot of fun. i love the girls in the group and we are singing some pretty rocking songs.

working on fine arts. bleh.

anyways. I’ve a speech to write so i best be running 🙂

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