My grammar is awful right now, so please forgive me. not in the mood to do it properly.

I have so much to do, Fine Arts is overwhelming me like CRAZY. I have on month and 12 days. to perfect and memorize a piano piece. I have 1 month and 11 days to take the perfect picture on Capitol street, and to knit beautiful, and perfect handwarmers. Yes i will somehow get it all done, not to mention working on the HUGS project for AHG which i have to put15 hours of work into making it perfect. and then also every weekend is booked until April. sheeeeeeeesh.

and of course. when i have 1,000 things to do. im sitting on the computer blogging. anyways. just a quick update.

i love bargain shopping. got some great deals..this weekend.

I love Cora Voce. oh yea..i forgot i have to memorize all my cora voce music in two months also. wonderful.

School is…school. I got 4 projects done today..but i am 10 lessons behind on everything else. oops.


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