It’s 24 degrees outside right now according to my car. The air is frigid and has an awful bite to it. I could easily handle the snow. But it’s the cold that I just can’t take. My toes and fingers are constantly numb and that’s just not a good feeling. I strongly dislike cold weather. I love the boots, hats, scarves and jackets. But I hate being so cold. For those of you who know me, know I get cold rather quickly, so this cold air might be the death of me.
Im going to NYC this weekend and I’m sure it won’t be much better there. But Im sure I’ll be able to put up with it. I’m incredibly excited about going to New York City! I have ALWAYS dreamt of going so this is most certainly a dream come true. We will be in a bus all night Friday, and then we will be dropped off in time square Saturday morning. My best friend Maddie and I ( along with her mother ) will then spend all day traversing about the city.
My biggest fear of NYC is that I’ll never want to come home. I don’t think I want to fall in love with the city because then it will break my heart to leave. I have also tried to pass up the art schools there in hopes that I’ll hate the city. But if I love it, mom should start to worry. There are SO many schools I’d kill to attend there. We shall see.
Off to Walmart. Have a good day.

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