Elizabeth Edwards died today. Not my best friend, but the wife of a politician. While I do not support John Edwards or condone his behavior reading his wifes story struck a chord with me. This story was from the view point of a friend, talking about Elizabeth telling many things about her life. 2 things stuck with me. 1 being her saying Elizabeth would say that honesty was Johns best trait even while knowing he had had an affair. The second being them defining her as a perfect partner.

Honesty is biblical. I am to be an honest, truthful, and just person. I know that there are times when i fail, but when I die will I be remembered as honest? Will people tell me being honest is my best trait? I want them too.  i fail so often in this area.

Also, in the future (5,6 years) when i get married, I want people to look at mine and my husbands relationship and marvel. I want them to wonder how we do it. i want to truly represent the realtionship between Christ and the church so badly. This should be the desires of all our hearts.

that is all for now. I’m exhausted and I have to get up, get ready and get things together. lots of love



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