College oh College.

I kind of cannot believe I am blogging about… COLLEGE! Obviously I’m not there yet, but it’s quickly approaching! Considering 1 year ago seems like yesterday, and in one year from now, I’ll be getting ready graduate. What? Another thing that makes it seem even closer is the fact that, the college I want to apply to suggests you reply spring of junior year or fall of senior year. That’s REALLY close. Like now. Oh boy:)

The college that I’m looking at the most is Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi,WV. It’s a liberal arts school, private with the religious background of American Baptist Church. It’s got pretty much everything I want. It has my major, Visual Arts, where I will start with a bit of dabbling in all the visual arts i.e. painting, ceramics, drawing, printing, and most importantly photography. Then I will chose a specialization in which I will go to the 4th level  in photography:) They also offer the minor I had originally wanted which is Business administration so that too was exciting.

While AB is INCREDIBLY expensive. At least for my family. It’s around $33,000.00 a year, but luckily with scholarships, and financial aid, I will end up around $10,000.00 before any work studies at the school or loans which I’m going to be avoiding at ALL costs. The work study is where I can work at the school to help pay tuition. Being an art major I can work at the Daywood Gallery on campus, which is VERY exciting considering I’m very interested in gallery work. It just sounds very very exciting, and scary all at the same time.

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