A tale of 4 sisters

My family and I moved into this house the summer of 1998. We had a nice house with a large backyard, and our backyard neighbor always seemed to be a scary man, with scary dogs, so we rarely spent much time in our backyard. I remember when this man was selling his house, and my mom, sister, and myself spent time in prayer praying that there would be younger children move into that house with hopes that maybe we could connect with them. Some time passed and we noticed people moving in, and one day my mom said she had seen a pink/purple big wheel sitting in their driveway, that meant girls!!!

I’m not sure how much time passed until we ventured into our backyard and tried to investigate the world of the girls divided from ours by a metal fence. We met them standing there in our backyards, I’m sure I was probably rude and bossy, and probably embarassed myself. There names were Charis, and Zoe. Charis was 6 months younger than me, and Zoe was 10 days older than Katie. It was perfect. I was going to Cross Lanes Christian School at the time, and I was gone during the day. I remember we would stand and talk over the fence, and we got to know each other. I’m sure Charis will comment and correct me, and go for it!!!! I remember one day coming home to find out that Dad had lifted katie over the fence and she had gotten to play with them. I was very jealous. Eventually we would set a chair in front of the fence so we could climb across, and sometimes we would just climb the fence. Our dads finally cut a portion out of the fence though, and said they’d put in a gate, but that never happened.

We formed many.many.many clubs. Their garage was the meeting place for the majority of them. We had the Foursome 4 which was probably the most popular one. We wrote a newpaper, a few times actually. In our clubs we had officers, we had lots of documents, and those documents were shredded by mice that got in their garage one time.  I could probably tell you a million stories. I remember trying to act out Little Women. We would write plays, play music together and more.

We once had a bible study, where we would get together have snacks, read something in the bible and pray, I remember, we always giggled during prayer because we always said something about blessing food accidentally. This was something that I was very thankful for. We were not only blessed with friends our age, but we were blessed with Christian friends who sharpened us in our faith. I am so thankful for that.

Yes, of course we had our fights. I remember shedding tears on more than one occasion. We were growing and changing, and of course we had to give each other space.

They taught me how to roller blade, and we spent many days roller blading on my driveway. Then one day, of course, I fell and broke my arm. Charis made me a sling though so I kept on roller blading. Charis taught me many things, including how to knit, and for that I will be grateful forever.

I could go on forever, I will actually probably end up editing and reposting this, but right now my computer is dying.

These girls are my best friends. They always will be. Even though right now they live thousands of miles away in Hampton, New Hampshire. I want them to know how incredibly special they are, and How much I TRULY miss them. I love you GIRLS!!!

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