Super Bowl Sunday 2011

Last night I spent the evening at my dad’s with my sister and matthew watching the game. I had bought food, made cookies, enjoyed fellowship and more. Katie and I began goofing off trying to touch the ceiling, I being the competitor that I am decided to try and go one more time, I jump…..and then i fall. When my body touched the floor my knee immediately gave out buckling to the side, which resulted in me collapsing in pain and hitting my head pretty hard against the wall. As soon as i hit the floor I could feel the pain shooting through my leg. The 3 of them immediately rushed to my side, fearing I was knocked out because apparently I went limp. I suspect it was from the pain. Anyways, I spent probably an hour laying on the floor sobbing to terrified to move. Eventually I sat up, and after a while dad helped me to a chair where I sat and waited for hours it felt like. Mom was going to get me crutches and come get me. Sadly, walmart didnt have crutches so I was left with a walker to walk pretty far in my opinion especially when i couldn’t put any weight on my one leg. After much pain, tears, frustrations, and time I finally made it the van thanks to my family and matt.

This morning I woke to a lot of pain and had to hobble around with my walker taking forever for small distances. We made it to Health plus, and the doctor hurt me and made me cry, but at least he checked, and believed there was something definitely wrong. So in the morning I will be going to have an MRI done to figure out the actual cause and treatments. You  are turning 16 next month you do not need to wear a bathing suit.<——– That resulted in me falling somewhat asleep while on major pain killers. oops! Next day;)

I had my MRI this morning! it went well. Now just to wait for the results. Lord, give me patience.

Moving a little better, not because of relief but rather I’m grasping the crutches just a little bit more, so hopefully now it will just improve! Prayers are very much appreciated, and visitors are welcome, considering I don’t think I will be leaving the house again until it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks for everything!



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