The Needle

Today I had my Orthopedic Surgeon Appointment. I was somewhat scared when we went in, fearing more so what they would say rather than what they would do. We got in pretty quickly and we were sent back to a room with multiple beds. We were helped by a PA Matt Parsons almost immediately he asked me some questions then did the dreaded thing of having me lay down and mess with my knee. It was horrible. He moved it in all of the ways that made me want to cry. Oh well, I guess these things need to be checked -.-.

I was then told my knee was pretty messed up. My ACL is torn completely through. That’s the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. The ACL is the most COMMON torn ligament. I’m not exactly sure what all it does, and I’m not even going to try and explain it, but here is a picture!

That's what my knee looks like apparently ^^

I also apparently tore my MCL. It will heal on it’s own most likely. I’m not sure how large of a tear that one is but they don’t think it will be to much of a worry. Here’s a picture of that one too

And last but not least my meniscus is torn, again I’m not to sure about the severity of this injury either. But I do know that they will try to repair this, but there is a very low blood supply to this and it has a hard time healing, so they might end up having to partially or fully remove it.  Which would end up causing arthritis in the future, so lets pray it will be healed! This is what the meniscus is,

The absolute part of the whole doctors visit was when they told me they needed to take the fluid out of my knee and possibly give a cortizone shot. I didn’t have to get the cortizone shot, but they did have to lay my down, numb my knee, and then get the fluid out, but instead of the basic joint fluid it turned out being blood. It hurt SO badly, and then it clotted so they werent able to get much of the fluid off of my knee.

So for now my plan is to rest, and ice it alot. I need to get the swelling down, and start physical therapy. I have to get my range of motion back, and be able to walk again. Then we will decide on surgery, but mom and I have already decided. I want the surgery. It truly terrifies me, but I want to be able to ski, run, horseback ride, and one day play with my kids someday in the future!

Pray for me as I struggle with this. It’s hard being 16 and not even being able to walk. I’m honestly not sure how disabled teens do it. But there have been a few nice things about this!

like flowers,

and balloons,

and so much more. I have enjoyed reading blogs, and time spent with family and friends even if it us just cooped up in my room. It’s better than nothing! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and catching up on these blogs, MADE, Rockstar Diaries, and many more:) I’ll keep you all updated! Thanks so much for all your prayers:)


One thought on “The Needle

  1. I will keep you in my prayers! I don’t know God’s plan in this but he does!! Keep your eyes on Him and take this time to catch up on everything you wouldn’t stay home to do!! You are welcome at my home at anytime you want a change of scenery!! Love you!!


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