31 days until I have surgery. I have 31 days to mentally prepare myself. I can honestly say I’m terrified. I have never been put to sleep or even had an IV. The thought of a needle in my arm…bleh. and then, the thought of being put to sleep and then cut open.

I’m dreading the scars. I will have a good sized scar directly on me knee from the removal of the graph to fix my ACL. Then I will have smaller incisions along the side for the actually surgery and replacement.

I am trying to prepare, and we are going to try and get my room finished, and my shower fixed before the surgery to make everything easier for me after the surgery.

My Before Surgery to do list:

Buy more sweat pants, sweat shirts, and shorts i.e. comfy clothes:)

Wash all my clothes and have them in my room

Finish redoing my room and move everything over.

Go grocery shopping so that there will be food at home for me.


and SO much more. I’m sure this list will just get bigger and bigger. I want to prepared considering I could have to stay off my leg for 6 weeks and I certainly don’t want to be unprepared!!! Prayers are appreciated everyone:)

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