I’m redoing my room, for those of you that didn’t already know that:) I’m incredibly excited. I’m actually changing rooms completely, and I am getting a bathroom and everything!!!  It has been a work in progress for a while, but with my surgery coming up we are trying incredibly hard to complete it by then:) I’m going to post a few ideas and pictures on here now:)

Excuse the messiness;) but this is what it looked like before hand.


Since then it now looks like this…..

My closet and bathroom:) yay!! ok so my closet doesnt technically have any of my stuff in it yet but it’s going to be beautiful! down that thin strip of wall between my bathroom and closet I will have lots of necklaces hanging all the way down it, practical decorations,  and over there in the right hand corner I have a pretty corner bookshelf :).


I have a new pretty ceiling fan!!!! yay:) now to just get pretty pully downy things.


My pretty door, and the wall where my bed, and dresser will be, and hopefully I can actually FIND a white dresser.

The wall with my window which I already have the pretty window treatments for:)

I have lots of plans for my room:) AND I’m getting new carpet so it will be great:) I have lots of picture frames and art that will go on my walls. now I just need to find a new bed spread and I’ll be set:) I’ll post on my bathroom tomorrow!! goodnight 🙂

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