Ducks in a Row

I REALLY need to get my ducks in a row.  I’m feeling a little bit out of control these days. Ok more than a little bit. Part of it I know comes hand in hand with my temporary disability, Being on crutches, and lacking normal strength. But I know part of it is definitely me. Right now I am aching to get things organized, but in order to do that I need resources.

Right now my bathroom is in desperate need of organization. I am aching to put together some under the sink storage, but I have been putting that off because I am having my faucet changed eventually and all of the stuff will have to come out then, so after that I will definitely put some organizing into action down there! I am also dying for wall decorations, and most importantly over the toilet storage to hold all of my lotions and other beauty products and such:) Oh and most importantly over everything is some shower organization, because my shower is FAR too small. So I need it, badly!

My room is aching for organization, but it’s too much of a project to even think about tackling while on the mend!

But overall my life needs organized, for petes sake even my blogs need organized!! It’s definitely time to get busy!

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