I turn 17 today. I’m not very excited, nor do I think anyone else is. I didn’t get a happy birthday wish right at midnight, and no cards came in the mail. I’m not having a party, and no cheesy walmart cake was bought. I didn’t even ask for anything, other than to be off of crutches. Oh how my life has changed.

The biggest thing of this birthday, is thinking that the next time I celebrate my birthday I will be turning 18. That freaks the heck out of me. Then also thinking that it’s been a YEAR since I celebrated the birthday I had been dreaming about for years. The first 16 years of my life are finished. I passed two milestone birthdays that I thought were going to be the most amazing and important things of all time.

I’m getting older, my views and values are changing. I’m not worried as much about what I look like but rather what my life is going to look like. This is an odd time for me. But nonetheless, happy birthday to me:)

p.s. I got my wish by the way, no more crutches!

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