Seventeen Again

This time I’m posting, and I’m officially seventeen. I am beginning my EIGHTEENTH year which kind of scares me to death. After last nights somewhat depressing but realistic post I decided this one deserved to be a bit more happy.

Today was absolutely Great! I started it off by being sung happy birthday by my aunt on the phone, and then shortly afterwards being sung to by my mom. I had birthday cake for breakfast, and then got ready for the day. We headed out and went for lunch at the Vandalia Grill which was delicious! Plus I got a free dessert there which made it even better! Then we headed over to CAMC to have my knee checked out because there was a small concern with stitches and infection but after a little pulling and twisting I was good to go! Then we headed to bridge road where we went into this adorable shop called Eggplant. They have lots of adorable gifts, and the best part, lots of Vera Bradley! I spent a while not knowing what to get but ended up with this adorable tote in a new print, and they also gave me a small free gift:) As we were walking out of Eggplant Katie pointed further down the shops to a TOMS display in a window. I of course decided that going in was a must considering I didn’t think anywhere in WV sold Toms!

I ended up getting a beautiful pair of red toms! My first pair! My wonderful sister Katie bought them for me. (side note, mommy I love ALL my presents sorry I was so much more excited about the toms!) After that we headed to the mall and I tried to stop into and see a few friends. Mom then surprised me with a beautiful cookie cake! After this we jetted home and I took a quick nap before getting ready and heading off to church! Church was great, along with a missionary to Tanzania!

After church we(+Matt) headed home but not without a quick Mcd’s stop for some sweet tea and a quarter pounder! When we got home we did the normal candles, cake ice cream and presents gig. Matthew did awesome, itunes gift card, Toy Story 3 (heck yes, I returned his to him too;), 2 new CD’s and charms for my bracelet!

I’m so very thankful for my wonderful friends and family who stepped into my life to make this a truly wonderful birthday! I love you all so much!!

Side Note – I hate not working. I need you all to pray for me, and that I will be able to heal and be able to get back to some form of work soon. I am in need of the money!

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