Too many decisions

I have about a million thoughts swirling around in my head right now, and I need some answers. I’m coming to all of you to ask for help. Prayers, guidance, opinions and whatever else you feel you should give.

I have a decision that needs to be made in my life right now, and this one decision could in turn affect a lot more decisions. I need to decide if I want to take a trip to Europe for 2 weeks in 2012. The cost of the trip is a little under $4,000 plus spending money. I would be spending my time in Greece, Italy, and Roma. My flesh aches to go, but something just keeps stopping me. If I chose to go to Europe, the next year of my life would be spent, stressing out about the trip and working constantly and raising money, and all of that money would go to that trip, which brings me to another factor. If I go to Europe I would not be able to work, and save and prepare for college.

Oh college. I’m so lost, torn and confused about the whole situation. Should I go to Europe and stay home for a year. Ok wait let me rephrase that, Not go to college for a year. If I did that I would want it to be more of an experience other than just staying home and working. Maybe I could go somewhere, in need of help, of ministry, live there and get a job but help with a ministry. Or go stay with a family member or friend in another state, and work and make money but experience life from a different view.

I want to view the world from a different perspective than I’m viewing it now, but I’m not sure how to get to that place. Do I stay home from Europe. Do I go to Europe. Do I go to college. Do I stay “home”( not really) and experience things. oh the many many questions I have!  I am waiting and praying for something to fall into my lap. I know that rarely happens but I’m hoping that this time, it does!

2 thoughts on “Too many decisions

  1. Caution: this should not be taken seriously (although we probably would not turn you down if you asked to come live with us ;))

    Go to Europe, then come live with us while you save for college!


  2. It sounds to me like you have the personality of someone who will learn and thrive wherever you go. Question about Europe: Is there a way you could visit for longer and for less money?

    Good luck!


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