Hopes and Dreams

This will probably sound silly considering I’m a seventeen year old girl in high school. But it’s on my heart, so I will write about it anyways. I also know that a few other friends share my heart and passion for this.

Also, before reading any further, I fully realize that I am not perfect, and this dream I have made up in my head wont always be true. Life does get in the way. But I decided to shoot for the stars, and maybe I’ll end up in the clouds, rather than shooting for say…..oh I don’t know. Something lower, and ending up really messing up. So I guess I said all that to say, these are dreams, desires, and what I’m currently striving for. We will see what my future holds:)

I love blogging right now in my life, but 1) I don’t do it enough. 2) I feel as though honestly I have nothing to blog about. It’s my life, but really does this even interest anyone? Probably not, because I’m a teenager that lives life, does school, works, etc. Not very exciting! But I can’t wait until I’m older. Meaning, married, on my own, etc. For multiple reasons! plus it will make for better blogging;) But there are a few things in particular that I can’t wait for.

Decorating; I know it sounds SO silly. But since there have been times that I have wanted to be an interior decorator this one is really important to me! More than just simply decorating I can’t wait to see if I can do it on a major budget, with makes it even more exciting. Because then I will be thrift store shopping, and yard sale shopping. I’ll be re painting, and such and it will require creative thinking. I just can’t wait! And of course it will be so much fun photographing my cute little house or apartment and posting it on a blog as I work through the process:) I just love the thought of a cute little home, with all of my ideas being acted out. I want to decorate with keys in like the bathroom. Is that weird? Skeleton keys are simply amazing:)

Food; Oh food how I love you. I CANNOT wait to cook for my home someday. With hopefully all locally grown vegetables and fed cows/chickens/ etc. I know there will be times when I still run through the Mcdonalds drive thru. But I just can’t wait for the day that I don’t have that at least once a week. I want to experiment with cooking, and try lots of new things. Baking too! I simply cannot wait!!

Creating; I am what some would say pretty crafty, and I am a little bit I guess, but I want to do even more! I really want a sewing machine, and I want to sew badly! I cannot wait to create things for my home, my children, and my friends. and speaking of friends.

Hospitality; I want to be a hostess when I’m older. No not for a restaurant but for my own home! I want to have dinner parties, cook outs, movie nights, etc!! I cannot wait for these things to evolve!

Now don’t these things make MUCH better blogging topics than my boring life? Oh well!! give me 5 or 6 years:) I’ll get there eventually! But for now, I’m growing where God wants me too. I leave for camp in a week. Our washer is broken, and I have about 34208479857y4 things that need washed. Oh well!!! Here I go:)

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