Camping, Anxiety, and Prayer

So only read on if you PROMISE not to make fun of me.

I have trip anxiety. Sever trip anxiety. No matter how larger, or small the trip is, I freak out. Over everything. From the packing, to the plans, to the actual traveling, to the people, to everything.  Typically it begins a few days before, for me it started last Sunday as I began to think of everything I needed to pack for camp. I couldn’t think straight and I was getting a headache as I began brainstorming. Last night, while at walmart, I freaked out yet again while shopping. I just kept thinking of everything I was going to forget and I literally couldn’t breathe. Now here I am 2 nights before I leave, packing my life away, and feeling pretty confident about my packing/trip. But of course I have to think of 10 million small things that will stress me out and they honestly don’t even matter.

So here I am in my random posting asking everyone to PLEASE pray for me as I prepare to head to the Wilds for a week on monday. I am nervous for about 1,000 reasons even though this is my 9th time! wow!

Specific Prayer Requests:

That God will give me a peace in preparing, and through out the week.

That God will take care of those small things that are eating me away.

That, as silly as this may sound, nothing will happen to my camera this week!!! (Since I’m still recovering from surgery I won’t be doing much activity wise, so I figured I might as well carry around the camera!)

That in my activities I do not accidentally re-injure my knee.

AND NOW!!! The REALLY important stuff:

That God will open my youth groups heart, and allow us to have a revival in our youth group.

That God will bond us together as a group.

That God will bless each of us with the perfect cabin for us, and that we will grow with them.

That our hearts will be open and willing to change!!


Despite all these anxieties, I really am excited! I promise!

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