Sometimes I write about things, that are meaningful, or useful, or other things. But right now, I just feel like writing somewhat of an update. Life has been so crazy, and I feel like an update is needed!

I spent 1 week at the wilds during June 13-18th, and had a positively WONDERFUL time! As always of course:) Then on June 22, I found out that I would be going to Southland Christian Camp, July 3rd, for 2 weeks for leadership camp. I got back on Saturday the 16th. That certainly explains where I have been for so long! It’s been a crazy, long, wonderful road that I’m beyond thankful I got to experience! I will write a post on my Southland experience very soon! Hopefully including a few pictures along with it!

Now that I’m back, I’m beyond ready to jump back into life full swing. Today, I ran errands, cooked dinner, and spent time with family. Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with a dear friend, taking care of some banking problems, and then cooking dinner for tomorrow and Wednesday. On Wednesday I will be doing some photography work along with passing out fliers for VBS at my church. Thursday I have a photoshoot and then singing with Matt’s family, friday will be filled with laundry, and more cooking! I am enjoying this busy week and being back with all my friends again!!!

Hopefully I’ll have plenty more to blog about in the upcoming days!

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