Menu Plan Monday

This might sound silly, considering I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t have a house to provide for YET, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t begin preparing for the future NOW! I am definitely the one who enjoys cooking the most in the house, so I figured, well why not plan the meals and cook! So for the first time, I am doing a Menu Plan Monday!!! Here is what we are planning on having this week.



Baked Chicken Parmesan served with pasta, and possibly salad


Taco Casserole, which is a family favorite! Along with corn.


Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches with possibly homemade bread, and some side dish that I haven’t come up with yet. This is perfect for our family on wednesday night’s because we are all rushing around, and trying to get ready for church, and eating at different times. This way it can cook all day, and be ready to eat whenever we want to eat!


We almost ALWAYS go out to eat on Thursday nights!


Grilled Pizza!  I love Pizza, especially on Friday nights! Plus, this is perfect for having people over!


ALMOST all of these recipes are BRAND new to me! But I am really excited about trying them all out! I’ll be sure to take pictures and update again next week! Until then, ENJOY!

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