Senior Year Bucket List

Hey Folks!

Life is pretty insane here this week, but I felt a strong need to write. I am currently working 9-3 and we are having VBS this week, which makes for an interesting, exhausting week. Nonetheless, it’s been good. Productive? No, not at all, OTHER than leading two precious souls to the knowledge of Christ, and eating way too much candy. Oh and I can’t forget, cuddling a precious baby all day long. Can’t wait to be a mom:) Anyways, that’s it for an update.

I start my last year of High School in a couple of weeks, and it’s REALLY starting to weird me out. One thing I have been thinking about as my senior year nears, is what do I want to do, and accomplish my senior year. So, I have decided to do a Senior Year Bucket List. I will continue to update as things are added and accomplished, but I thought I’d write out the first few things I REALLY want to do this year:)

1. Go Muddin’. No Jeep, just an ATV.

2. Sing at an open mic.

3. Help Photograph a wedding

4. Watch all 3 LOTR in ONE day

5. Learn to Sew (again)

6. Make a dress

7. Sell a picture I took

8. Upload a Youtube Video

9. Enter my Photography in a competition

10. Throw a Surprise Party

11. Kidnap someone for a day

12. Go on a roadtrip to somewhere new

13. Visit the Lowe Family in NH

14. Go to NYC (again;)

15. Find out my Blood Type

and then

16. Donate Blood

17. Drive a convertible with the top down

18. Sleep on a roof

19. Ride a Ferris Wheel with Matthew David ❤

20. Dance with Music in the pouring rain

This is simply the beginning to a long list of things I want to do, before life gets so crazy. Now I need to head to bed and catch up on my sleep!

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