A Battle

The past week, has been one of the most trying, long, miserable weeks I have experienced it quite some time. But I think I am finally starting to be on the top side of things now. You see, last week I became miserably sick.

Wednesday shortly before church, I discovered one of my tonsils was a good bit larger than the other. I had been having a sore throat all week but shrugged it off and went to church. After a miserable hour and a half of suffering through pain during church, I realized this was more than just a scratchy throat. On the way home from church, it became clear that I was definitely sick. I was fevered, achy, and crying.  After a very eventful night full of pain and crying I finally got to bed. Hoping the rest, and the medicine, would do me some good.

The following morning I was feeling a lot better as i headed off to the doctor. I was diagnosed with Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis, and I was given an antibiotic. Later that day, things went down hill, even further this time. I spent all most all day in bed.

Friday, I got up and actually looked decent and went out for a little bit, despite not being able to really swallow. That night, things got miserably worse again and sleep was almost impossible.

Saturday, Mom decided to take me to another doctor because I had simply gotten worse, instead of improving. This doctor suggested mono, and after giving me a pretty good bruise for a blood test, we found out I DIDN’T have mono.

Here it is Tuesday, I still can’t eat much unless it’s really soft and smooth, and not too warm or cold for that matter. I am thankful that my throat is beginning to feel better and most thankful that I can sleep now.

God is definitely all that got me through this past week, and while it’s not over yet, I KNOW he is in control. Thank you guys for your prayers, I hope to improve even more over the next week!


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