Senior Year Update

Well Here is my current Bucket List!

1. Go Muddin’. No Jeep, just an ATV.

2. Sing at an open mic.

3. Help Photograph a wedding

4. Watch all 3 LOTR in ONE day <— I’ll be doing this one Saturday:)

5. Learn to Sew (again)

6. Make a dress

7. Sell a picture I took

8. Upload a Youtube Video

9. Enter my Photography in a competition

10. Throw a Surprise Party

11. Kidnap someone for a day

12. Go on a roadtrip to somewhere new

13. Visit the Lowe Family in NH

14. Go to NYC (again;)

15. Find out my Blood Type

and then

16. Donate Blood

17. Drive a convertible with the top down

18. Sleep on a roof

19. Ride a Ferris Wheel with Matthew David ❤

20. Dance with Music in the pouring rain

21. Go to the Beach

I haven’t been able to mark any off…YET! And while I have thought of LOTS of things to add, now that I’m sitting down to write, I simply can’t remember them. I’ll have to start writing them down as I go I guess;)

My senior year is about to begin, and honestly I’m BEYOND ready. I wish it were over already! I’m not taking a huge course load this year, the following classes are what i will be taking.



– Finish Algebra 2 and Consumer Math

– English Literature

-French 2

and possibly a photography class.

I didn’t want a huge course load, when I didn’t really need one. I want to be able to enjoy my senior year without being completely loaded down with school work. I want to focus on the things I love this year. Spending more time working on photography, and music. Spending time on relationships with people, and most importantly my relationship with Christ.

In a year from now, I have NO clue where I’ll be. But hopefully it will be in God’s will. Prayers are appreciated:)

In other news, I have 1,303 views on this blog, lets reach 2,000! That would make me pretty happy:) so check it out, and share with your friends!


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