To-Do lists are a wonderful wonderful thing. They make my life so much more organized and put together. I am obsessed with a certain little app called Wunderlist. I have it downloaded on pretty much all of electronics. It let’s me make different lists, and in those list I can insert tasks that have due dates and notes attached to them. It’s pretty much the…oh get this… Wonder App 🙂

Over the past few days I have been working very hard to get my life cleaned up, and organized. So far the closet has been tackled, which is a wonderful start. Because, believe me it was really bad. Now the bathroom, and a couple spots in my room still need tackled. And they are on the to-do list, so they will get done. Eventually:)

I guess this was just a small update of sorts. We go to the beach in a week, and I’m pretty excited. Life is looking good right now, and I’m ready for a wonderful senior year!


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