Whatchya doing?

I’m pretty excited about life right now, but I’m also wondering…God, whatchya doing?

Just last night I randomly sent an email to a local coffee shop, The Daily Cup, which is where I currently am, inquiring about a part time job. In my time with God last night, I was just praying, God make your will known, and evident. This morning I got an email back from The Daily Cup, and they didn’t need anyone right now. So with a sigh and a disheartened spirit I moved along praying God would reveal his plan. This afternoon I get a call from an unknown number, but something made me want to answer it, so I did. It was Rock Branch Community Bank. I turned in an application there at the end of June. I really wasn’t even thinking about them anymore, considering the position I originally applied for had been filled. But now, I have an interview for a part time position there, on Friday.

So now you understand why I’m asking “God, whatchya doing?”. I’m trying not to get too excited about the possibility of a job at the bank, understanding that I have somewhat of a difficult schedule to work with, and knowing God might have better plans for me. So now, I wait. Wait for the interview, wait for the answer, wait for His plan.

But while I have been waiting I have been getting plenty of things done. I currently have a very clean car (you’re welcome Matt;), a rearranged room, a clean closet, a clean(OCD) desk, a clean school cabinet, and I have lost almost 10lbs:) so I am feeling pretty good these days.

I am also being able to devote more time to my study of Gods word. My “small group” at church, if that’s what you want to call it, is working through the book “What Do I Know About My God” by Mardi Collier. It will be a wonderful time of growing with this group of girls, as we discover God for ourselves.

Hope life finds you well:) I’m off to read and enjoy my smoothie!

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