Joy In Jobs

Well from my last post, I filled you all in on what was going on with me, specifically concerning my job situation. That Friday I went in for the interview, and I thought it went as well as it possibly could considering I’m an inexperienced teenager. They were going to be interviewing 4 or 5 more people and they said they would let me know by the next Friday as to what their decision was.

I had been praying about it, praying that if this wasn’t what was right for me then God would shut the door for me. Because I felt peace about the job, and it seemed right for me. But of course I realized God has an ultimate plan.

We left for the beach on Thursday, which I will blog more about later, and I had attempted to simply forget about the job. Friday was a busy day, and by mid afternoon I had a moment of rest and decided that the job must not be for me and I just forgot about it. We went and took pictures on the beach that evening and then headed over to The Hut for some local seafood goodness.

While we were in there waiting for our food I got a call from a cell phone number that I didn’t know, but I decided to answer it anyways. It was a lady from Rock Branch Community Bank! She said that they would like to offer me the job if I was still interested. I of course accepted! She began to fill me in, and told me I would start Monday the 12th. I honestly can’t wait!

We head home from the beach tomorrow, and then Tuesday the insanity of my life kicks into full gear. I start back piano, and cora Voce, my senior year officially begins along with other classes! Can’t wait!

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