This is probably going to be the most random post I have ever posted. Filled with life, weather, puppies,  travels, school and more. That is if I don’t fall asleep before the end of it.

Today was packed full. Started off with a horrible morning, which i will explain more on later! Then I did school, or at least attempted too, before heading off to the bank to fill out paper work, which didn’t actually happen at the time. So I was able to enjoy a nice lunch with my mom at subway. Then it was off to french for the first class of the semester, which went surprisingly well, despite most of us having a blank look on our face when she spoke in french. Looks like it’s time to review. But I got to try nutella for the first time, which was heavenly. After that I headed back to the bank and actually got to fill out the 20 pages of paperwork, and get my cool payroll card. This is becoming a reality and I’m excited:) Then i got to gift matthew with cheesy beach trinkets, and hug him so it made it worth it. after that i came home and did french homework. Then we watched A,A,and A Hudson. They were adorable. Now I’m here, exhausted and overwhelmed. Tomorrow consists of government class, packing, baking, and traveling.

I have been going through some crazy weather changes recently. Last week I was at the beach, with wonderful beautiful weather. Then I come home to humid, rainy rainy fall weather. This weekend I will most likely be in even cooler weather. Despite the quick weather changes, I am absolutely loving the fact that fall is quickly approaching. I am beyond ready for fall, for it’s beauty, it’s smells, but most importantly, it’s cute clothes:) Oh fall please hurry up, and winter, you can hold off a little bit this year ok?

One bad side effect of this weather has been lots of mud, and my terrible morning was very much involved with it. It all started last night, I couldn’t fall asleep. It took me hours to fall asleep, and when i finally did I wasn’t truly resting. So i woke up this morning pretty miserable and not too happy about the day. I dragged myself out of bed and downstairs to feed the puppies. After I had fed them I got a gallon pitcher of water to carry down to their pen for the day. On my way down the hill, i slipped in the mud, and poured the entire gallon of water directly on my head. In that process i hurt my bad knee, and landed in a heap, completely covered in mud, and all i could do was cry. At this point Charley (black lab) decides t take advantage of the fact that i am now on her level. She thinks it play time and proceeds to attack me. I continued to cry. Eventually the pups left me alone and i got my phone out and called katie to ask her to come and help me. Let’s just end it now by saying my morning was a completely muddy disaster.

For my first week of my senior year, I would say things have been going very very well. I am enjoying my classes, and looking forward to what the rest of the year holds for me.

This weekend will be spent in the mountains with my singing friends, and I simply can’t wait.

Off to bed! 9am class tomorrow!

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