I have constantly avoided putting up a post, because I felt as though my thoughts weren’t gathered properly, and I knew I would simply write about my crazy life right now. But right now, I’m simply coming to you, asking for prayer. My life, as mentioned before is crazy. I honestly love my life, but it is crazy busy, im sleep deprived, and I honestly don’t know what to do next. So here I am simply asking that God intercedes, and that somehow I can pull myself together. I hope to write more in depth on whats been going on very soon. But until then, pray without ceasing. 

One thought on “Prayer

  1. I will pray for you. We all have some kind of turmoil in our lives but if Christ reigns in our heart, we have the assurance that he is working all things out for our good. All we have to do is to trust him. God saw your struggle long before you were born and he has a perfect plan for your life.

    Keep reading your bible each day to give you the strength that you need to face each battle.


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