Mom’s cookies

I could make a whole blog about my mom, who she is, what she does for me, the funny things, and more, and pretty much be able to write in it every day for the rest of my life.

Today I’m gonna talk about my Mom a little bit, but not the typical mothers day gushy post, we will save that for another time. I’m going to talk about my moms cooking today, specifically her baking.

I’m sitting here this evening, looking at some christmas recipes, specifically for cookies and other cute things. As I am looking I can’t help but wonder how in the world I am going to find time to make these things in my busy life. For some reason, my brain started thinking about the times in my life, when my mom would make things for me, specifically when I had to take them to a class, or a party. She would work so hard, and honestly, sometimes she simply couldn’t do it. But she would try really hard. I’m remembering one time in particular we had to bring a snack for my ballet christmas party I think. She decided to make these little drum cookies. I think;) They were maybe oreos? dipped in white chocolate maybe? then i just remember there were these little silver balls we put on them. I can’t remember exactly, i just know that she put a TON of work in to them. Then there have been the countless times she has mixed up brownies, or cookies, or chocolate covered strawberries, and so many other things. She still does this.

Just now in my life, I have finally realized what this meant…why she did it. She did it because she wanted me to be proud of her…and because she wanted the other kids, and moms to think she was a good mom. At least this is what I think. What none of them knew, was that while she might not have had time to bake up a storm, she was working hard to provide for her family. She was cleaning the house, because she has daughters who still don’t understand how to keep things clean. My mom is a wonderful mom. I love her so much, while no she hasn’t been perfect, (who has??) she has worked like crazy to do the best she could, and for that i will be forever grateful.

Mom, Don’t EVER let someone else tell you what type of mother you are. Let us kids answer for that, but overall let God answer for that. I think you have done a pretty good job, I always had the nicest things you could give me, I always knew you loved me, and cared for me, and overall you taught me I have a God that will never fail me. Thanks for being my safe haven.

If I can ever make my kids feel as special and cared for as my mom has made me feel I will be content with my life.


P.S. Yes I am fully aware of how random this post is, and no I have no idea why thinking of cookies is making me cry my eyes out at midnight. I think it’s part of being a girl.

One thought on “Mom’s cookies


    I LOVE YOU MEGAN!!!!! Life is a joy and blessing beyond measure being YOUR mom!!!! ❤
    Sorry I don't cook & bake more!!!!! :/)


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