Mundane Monday

This Monday is doomed to be horrible I’m sure. First of all it is a Monday which we all know tends to be tough. Second, it is rainy and oh so very gloomy. Last but not least it is the Monday after a holiday week. I have struggled with getting going today. I was almost late for work, and for class, and when I got home the first thing I did was take a nap. It just seems like the perfect day to be cuddled up, surrounded by the ones you love and being lazy. But as a blog I read this past weekend reminds me, today is a day in which I must get things done, instead of putting it off until tomorrow, that will eventually turn into a million tomorrows.

Being homeschooled, and busy all at the same time has sometimes created a procrastination monster that comes out inside of me. While yes I will get things done and I’m out and about, the minute I get home I don’t want anything to do with the boring home necessities that are needing my attention. I am very good at saying I’ll get that done another day. But I think today is as good a day as any to break that stronghold of laziness don’t you think?

Before I go though I’m gonna give you a little link to go check out and to read the post that helped inside me! Show Lisa some loving:) Scarlett Syndrome

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