Mulling over 2012

It’s officially 2012, which means it is officially the year I graduate high school, and life begins. I’m a little bit terrified, and excited all at the same time. So I figured this Meaningful Monday post should include my resolutions/goals, and thoughts on the coming year. I have decided to have multiple new years resolutions this year, because last year, for the VERY first time I actually completed one! I feel pretty confident in my resolutions for this new year. I decided to have a couple different categories and I would make at least one resolution in each category.


I’m going through the Made to Crave study with Mom and Katie right now. We actually started tonight! My official specific resolutions are, NO Pop, Soda, Coke whatever you want to call it. I’m not going to say I will only drink water because for me, I don’t think that is realistic. So at this point, I am only cutting out all forms of pop. I am also vowing to never go for seconds. What is on my plate the first time is what I will eat. I wanted to make decisions that I could keep for life, and that would just make me healthier overall instead of making difficult short-lived decisions.


I’m not sure I have a very specific new years resolution for this one. Although, my main one is to develop a daily prayer plan. I am slowly but surely beginning to understand the power of prayer. I think I want to do a study on prayer first though. Also of course I will be striving to simply grow closer to God, and more clearly see his will for me in my life.


I’m aiming to become more of the woman that God wants me to be. I truly want to start preparing to be a future wife and mother. I know it sounds old fashioned, but as a young woman, it is my calling to serve, and to prepare for my future. So I’m sure there will be lots of changes here, but there is no specific goal yet. I also have my silly senior bucket list that I am attempting to complete!


Regarding relationships in my life, I want to strengthen communication, and quality time spent with friends, and loved ones. Due to the technology in the world it is so easy to be satisfied with simply texting, or emailing. But i want to spend time, talking, encouraging, loving, listening, and growing with my friends this year!

Those are my new years resolutions that I wanted to share with you all so that you would keep ME accountable! I hope you have a wonderful 2012, I know I will!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thine OWN understanding but in all thy ways acknowledge him and HE shall direct your paths. 

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