Without Ceasing

I haven’t written since January. My computer didn’t even recognize wordpress when I went to type it in. Oh and I hate my template. But here is a post nonetheless.

I have been studying, and as a result beginning to somewhat understand the power of prayer. I am beginning to grasp the concept of “pray without ceasing”. Through out the day, I simply talk with God. It’s helped me learn the importance of prayer, and has also helped me deal with feelings of loneliness. When I’m praying, I know I’m not alone, I know he is there listening to me. I am also learning the importance of praying about everything, including the small things. So I decided to use this post and kill multiple birds with one stone. It’s an update post, a request post, but also a post discussing things I’m learning. So let me tell you this is a good post! So here are a few things I am praying for, and that I ask you would pray for too!

  • Pray as I make final decisions and plans regarding college in the fall. I think I have made my college decision. I am planning on attending Appalachian Bible College with a major in Youth and Family ministry. As of right now I am only planning on staying a year but I want to keep my options open to possibly continue a degree there.
  • Pray that finances will work out regarding college. This one explains its self. Just pray.
  • Pray that I would find some part time work until June. Simply more babysitting would help.
  • Pray that I will find a full time, decently paying job for June and July.
  • Pray that said job will give me one week off to go to camp.
  • Pray that my travels this summer will go smoothly and I will not experience my typical travel anxiety. At the end of May I will be going on a 7 day cruise to Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. In July I will be going to the Wilds Christian Camp. In August I will be going to New Hampshire to visit my best friend.
  • Pray that decisions made in the upcoming future will be made according to God’s plan, and not my own.

These are simply a few of the personal prayers that have been frequently on my lips. I pray you will join with me in these prayers.

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