Money Does NOT Grow on Trees Sadly

I’ll just be honest by saying, I’m broke. I haven’t had a regular job in quite a while, and my bank account is starting show it. Not to mention my 18th birthday is coming up, graduation, and a cruise. I might as well just kiss my money goodbye now. I won’t even get started on the fact that college starts this fall, and I don’t even want to think about how expensive that’s going to be. 

I truly, wholeheartedly believe that God is going to take care of me through this time, and provide for my needs. I am stepping into college this fall on faith alone. I am slowly but surely becoming an adult and starting to become more financially independent. It’s very exciting, and scary. It would be so much better if I had a job, but again, that’s a different story.

I have been blessed by the way my parents have provided for, and still continue to provide for me. But before I know it I am going to be on my own. So now is the time to start forming habits that will last a lifetime in teaching myself to be thrifty, and cut corners where possible.

So as I sat here this evening thinking about ways that I spend money that I shouldn’t have to, one of the first things to come to mind was makeup and hair products. So I began my search for DIY products. One of my most recently used products is hair gel, it is just so simple to use and scrunch my hair and go. So the recipe I found that I liked the most is Agar Agar as it’s main ingredient, and while it is a slightly expensive initial purchase, it should last me a few years. So here is the recipe – Natural Homemade Hair Gel. As much as I hate to admit it, I spend way too much money on makeup. My foundation, eye liner, and mascara are my largest purchases, typically being around $10 each which usually lasts me a few months. I am not going to attempt to make my own foundation, but I will just continue to use a light mineral makeup that isn’t nearly as bad for me. But regarding eye liner and mascara I was surprised by what I found. For the eye liner I am combining two tips, from two different websites and I hope it will work together. On one website I saw where it is simple to make liquid eye liner by adding a little drop of Visine(or an off brand;) to dry eye liner. The most common natural eye liner is Activated Charcoal, which I can get in capsules OTC. I will simply be opening a capsule and adding a little visine and hopefully applying it just like a liquid eye liner. It will be a much smaller cost, that will hopefully last me much longer than past products. For a homemade natural mascara I will again use activated charcoal, and a drop or two of Vitamin E oil. 

I am hoping to at least try out the eye liner and mascara this week, since I am due to buy more of each very soon anyways. I’ll let you know the outcome! I hope this will just be the beginning of a larger journey of thriftiness! I’m also hoping to cut out fast food eating for the most part this week! Here we go! 

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