Here I Come

I have 24 days left that will be spent at home. My life as a teenager and a high school student is coming to an end. A little less than a year ago, I wrote a list, with 21 things that I wanted to accomplish before I headed back off to college. Here is this list, almost a year later, and whether or not I accomplished the things on this list.

1. Go Muddin’. No Jeep, just an ATV.

Sadly, I did not accomplish this. I technically have never even ridden on an ATV. But the offer is still up if any one would like to take me riding!

2. Sing at an open mic.

I decided, something else is more important. Why should I desire to sing at open mic, to bring glory to myself, when I am too afraid to sing to God in church. So now, on July 29th, I’ll be singing a solo in church. Thanks to Pastor Ray for pushing me to do so:)

3. Help Photograph a wedding

I am still yet to do this, although a sweet friend of mine will be getting married in the fall and I have been asked to photograph her wedding. So hopefully I will be able to mark this off the list soon!

4. Watch all 3 LOTR in ONE day

Matt, who had never seen LOTR watched all 3 in one day with me. It was exhausting. But we did it:)

5. Learn to Sew (again)

Big ole fail:(

6. Make a dress

Another fail.

7. Sell a picture I took

Would anyone like to buy a picture from me?!

8. Upload a Youtube Video

I don’t even know how to go about this. Someone want to help me?

9. Enter my Photography in a competition

Photography took a back burner this year with the insanity of life.

10. Throw a Surprise Party

Matthew’s 18th birthday party! it was a wonderful, and successful surprise!

11. Kidnap someone for a day

No kidnapping for me. I decided breaking the law was a bad idea.

12. Go on a roadtrip to somewhere new

I went to cedar point with Matt, Kristin, and JP last week! New for me:) What a blast!

13. Visit the Lowe Family in NH

AHHH!!! I leave in less than 3 weeks:)

14. Go to NYC (again;)

Yes! We are stopping here on the way to NH!

15. Find out my Blood Type

On my to do list for the next few weeks! Matt is supposed to take me:)

and then

16. Donate Blood

See number 15:)

17. Drive a convertible with the top down

No 😦 I was going to…and then it rained! Would anyone want to let me drive theirs?!

18. Sleep on a roof

Nope, but I WILL be sleeping outside… for a week. Oh my gosh.

19. Ride a Ferris Wheel with Matthew David ❤


20. Dance with Music in the pouring rain


21. Go to the Beach

Lots of different beaches:)


While these 21 things, stood out to me when it was time to make a list, this year has been SO SO much more than just this list. I have learned a lot of lessons. I got pulled over for speeding. I rode roller coasters.  I have cried a lot. I have lost friends, and gained friends. I have experienced loss, and fear. I cooked a lot of new foods. I ran again. I started watching LOST. I graduated High school. I left the country, on a cruise for 7 days. I started going by Meg. I was accepted into college. I went snorkeling. I got fired from a job.  I went to the Wilds for the last time as a camper, after 10 years. I jumped in a public fountain (that was fun, and daring folks). I shared. loved. lived. laughed. and so much more. I wouldn’t change this past year for anything. But I am ready to move on. I am ready to have brand new adventures.


Watch out world, here I come!

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