Going on a Road Trip

I leave for Hampton, NH in 4 days and 8 hours, give or take a few. I am so incredibly excited for this trip! We (Sister, Boyfriend, and myself) will be heading 800 miles up the coast to visit our dear friends, the Lowe Family.

The Lowe’s, specifically Charis, and Zoe who are very close in age to my sister and myself, were our backyard neighbors for many years. Two years ago this October they moved to NH after their dad accepted a pastoral job at First Baptist Church of Hampton. Since that move, they have been back to WV to visit twice, but we have yet to make the trip to see them. We decided we would make this trip before I head off to college and everything changes. 

So after a few phone calls, and some convincing to our parents, it was decided. We would come and spend some time with them this summer, and also participate in their churches missions trip. Their church is taking a group to a camp through CEF where we will be helping with a day camp for children in Massachusetts. 

I am truly ecstatic about this trip. I have been aching to get a small glimpse into this new life they have built for themselves, and to get to be a part of it for a small time. I have also never really traveled up north, so this is a slight dream come true for me. Not to mention the wonderful people I will get to share it with. This will be such a wonderful opportunity to get away right before school starts. 

Another thing that makes me so excited about this trip is that we will also get to spend 2 nights with our family that lives near Providence, RI, and we will also get to spend a day in NYC. I am so very excited to get to introduce my favorite city to Matt and Katie.

I ask that you pray for us as we make this trip. That we will be safe first and foremost. But also that we will be given many different opportunities to serve, and make the Love of our Christ known to others. Also pray that the 5 of us don’t kill each other after being together so constantly for 2 weeks! 


My laugh for the day! 

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