What You Should Know About You

Someday I will write about all the adventures of college thus far, but today is not that day. Maybe this weekend though! Today I simply wanted to share a blog with you that DOES update regularly, unlike mine.

To introduce this new blogger I’m going to copy a blog topic from Little Miss Momma !

What you should know about you:

Matthew is the sweetest, funniest, most compassionate, and most talented person I know.

If you don’t know him, you should get to know him.

He’s worth knowing.

Matthew is a servant.

He is the first person to volunteer for a job.

He’s always the hardest worker.

You could ask him do anything, and he would try his hardest.

Matthew is talented.

When he plays guitar, everyone stops to listen.

He taught himself to play that wonderful instrument.

He also knows so much music theory, it makes me sick.

He plays multiple instruments.

Matthew is humble.

Matthew is an inspiration.

He has experienced loss far greater than I will ever know.

Yet, he can give God the glory.

Matthew is funny. and fun to be with.

He makes me laugh.

Let him make you laugh too.

Matthew is handsome.

He might just be the cutest red head I have met.

He has big blue eyes.

freckles. everywhere.

Matthew is my best friend. boyfriend. partner. comedian. inspiration. conviction.

and so.much.more.

He’s new to the blogging scene, so show him some love! Check out his blog, here —–> Matthew Dean, Learning to Live

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