For Your Entertainment

   As many of you know, I have been job searching.

For a really.really.really.long time.

Well, that’s how it seemed to me anyways.

I had filled out applications. and even had an interview, but still no job.

One Saturday I went and I collected eleven applications for all sorts of places. I even filled them out, but for some reason, I never did turn them in. I felt like something was holding me back so I just didn’t do it.

Then one Friday night, I was at the mall with some friends, we went into a store and while I was in there a manager stopped me and said I looked really familiar. I had already seen him and I had come to the conclusion that he must have worked at the store in Charleston and that’s why I recognized him. So I told him I used to work at Chick-Fil-A in Charleston and I had seen him around the mall a few times. We then began talking and he asked me if I was living here now.

Then the unthinkable happened.

He asked if I needed a job. 

Of course, I quickly answered yes, and he told me to go home and fill out the application and to call him in the morning. So I did just that. But, I failed the assessment test, but apparently lots of people do. The next morning came and I was terrified to call. I figured it was pointless now. But I called anyways and he said he had been watching the clock and if I didn’t call soon that he was going to just call me. He said he still wanted me to have the job and told me to come in for an interview that afternoon.

I just kept thinking, This is crazy, since when do employers pursue me? 

So I went to the interview and I was able to talk to the main manager. He was funny, and really nice. The store is the top one in the country apparently. They wanted to hire me, little ole me. The manager that I had originally talked to just kept bragging on me and I was so confused, he didn’t even know me! So they offered me the job, and I accepted. One additional thing that was so amazing about this job is that they were totally understanding regarding my schedule of when I couldn’t work, and if all goes as planned, I will simply be transferred to Charleston during my breaks, which is beyond perfect.

So today I will go in for my first shift, but here’s the catch. The environment is bad, not one I would have ever chosen to work in on my own. I will be working for F.Y.E. which sells movies, CD’s, etc. I am going to be exposed to so much junk, it’s not even funny.

But I truly think God has me here on purpose. I’m called to be salt and light in this world, and now is my chance. I’m scared to death to say the least, but I’m so excited to see what God has for me in my new job that only He could have supplied.

So pray for me? Pray that I can be a witness to my coworkers, and the people I come in contact with. Allow them to see Christ in me, even if it’s just in the way I live.

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