Mail Time

     When I get mail, I get pretty excited. This is my average everyday reaction to mail:

So today when I got mail, I opened up the letter, which happened to be from the school. I read the word…


Then continued to scan the whole letter out of curiosity. You see, a while back I was asked to write a letter kind of telling my history and my need for financial aid. I wrote the letter but didn’t really think anything of it because there were only a few scholarships available. Well today, I found out I was chosen to receive one of the scholarships. It was such a wonderful amazing surprise to be given this extra money to help with my school bill. I can truly say, God supplies all our needs.

On another note, I aced my speech today that I was terrified to give, and I think I did really well on my doctrine test. Now I need to write a paper and I’m home free. Literally. I will sail through the rest of the week and Friday I get to go home!

So Excited.

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