Just so you know, we serve an awesome God. If you have any reason to doubt this, or simply want to know why I’m saying this then read on.

As many of my facebook friends know, today was a bad day, and the very last thing I wanted to do was go to work. During my last class of the day I began to feel really weak and achy. After that class I came straight to my room where I spent a little less than three hours in and out of sleep with a fever and chills. I got up around 4:30 to begin getting ready for work, because calling off was just not an option. Before work I knew I needed to type up my new availability for December so I could turn it in. As I was typing it up, I realized that I had very limited December hours and I knew work simply wasn’t going to like that.

So at 5:15 I headed to work, crying my eyes out, basically convinced I was going to lose my job that night, plus I felt like a truck had run over me quite a few times. I went in to work attempting to have a good attitude. I waited so that I could talk to my preferred manager about my schedule. When my chance came to talk to him I simply handed him the paper and said that if it wouldn’t work I would quit so they could hire someone else. But instead of the response I was expecting, my manager said it would be fine and that he completely understood! I then began to tell him that I was sick and spent my evening crying and stressing before coming to work. He then asked me if he could try and make me feel better. I of course responded yes and he began doing things on the computer. I then realized he was changing my title in the computer.

When I was hired, I was hired as a “seasonal” worker meaning at anytime they could just let me go stating the season was over. Then on the 89th day they would decide if I was worth keeping. Well, apparently I’m worth keeping because I am no longer a seasonal worker! But an actual part time employee!

It was amazing to see how all I prayed for was that God would take care of it and work it out to His glory. I simple wanted peace if I had to quit, or that the managers would understand. God went way beyond any expectation I had. We serve a wonderful amazing God who has bigger plans for us than we can ever imagine.

I am still sick though, please continue to pray for me that I can push through this last week of school before thanksgiving!

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