My Prince Has Arrived

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to hear fairy tales and love stories. Since she was little she would dream about the day that some guy would fall in love with her and they would live happily ever after. After  this little girl got to middle school she realized that maybe this whole happily ever after thing was bogus. Everyone gets divorced these days and no one could love some one like her, or so she thought.

But then right when she had given up on searching for love, and told God to just wait and bring her a guy when she was ready for it, a boy came into her life. This boy told this girl that he was falling for her, and the rest was history.

Of course, there were ups and downs and fight and doubts. That’s what every relationship has though right? Then this boy and this girl started to grow up and think about their future. Should they get married? Did their parents approve? What did they want their future to hold?

You see, this boy and this girl, they loved each other quite a bit. They wanted to get married, but they knew it would be hard. They knew money would be tight, and things would be rough, but they knew it was worth it.

The boy decided it was time to talk to the parents, so over thanksgiving break this year that’s just what he did. You can read more about that in his post here.

On Sunday Nov. 26th, the boy asked the girl if she wanted to go to Thurmond, WV on Wednesday afternoon with some friends. They wanted to go out by Stone Cliff which is where they typically go, one last day before it was too cold. Of course, the girl agreed and thought nothing of it.

When that Wednesday arrived, the day was normal except the girl wasn’t feeling too well. But the weather was beautiful and nothing would stop them from going. After lunch everyone went to change and head out. This is where the girl messed everything up. Their friends were going to borrow her camera to take, but of course she was being nosy. But they got away with it anyways.

In case you couldn’t tell that girl is me! The rest is best told from my actual point of view.

On the ride out to Stone Cliff everyone was exceptionally quiet and I had the weird feeling that was something was up. When we got there, our friends headed over to the waterfall they typically go to and Matt and I went to the bridge. The first thing I wanted to do was of course climb under the bridge.  We discovered this last night and it was quite the adventure. So we climbed under the bridge but I could tell that he was kind of antsy and didn’t want to be down there. So we decided to climb back up and go to the center of the bridge.

As we were walking out on the bridge, Matt pulled me over to the side and said we should stop there because we could see the river, and railroad tracks. At this point I knew something was up for sure. Matt stood next to me and was saying sweet things to me, then he told me he had written me a letter. He handed me the letter and I started to read. I knew what was happening and taking the time read that letter was so incredibly hard, but I read every word. When I was done Matt got down one knee in front of me.

From this point on it is honestly somewhat of a blur. I know I was shaking and crying, and he asked “Will You Marry Me” I know that he had the biggest smile in the world on his face as he asked me. He slipped the ring on my finger and I was hugging him. Then I realized I had forgotten to say yes! So I shouted yes over and over.

Then in the shock of everything he told me that he had my mom, dad, and our youth pastor write me letters giving their blessing. He handed me the letters and  I began to read them. It was really difficult because he was holding me and wanting to talk to me, and I was in shock, yet wanting to read.

After reading the letters I just stood there saying “Is this real?” Matt actually pinched me! It was, and still is so wonderful and surreal.


After a few minutes had passed we went over to our friends who had been taking pictures, but sadly my memory card was in my computer instead of in my camera so there were no pictures on my camera.  We laughed with them and hugged them and then enjoyed some sparkling grape juice.

The hours that followed were filled with phone calls, text messages and facebook posts. I couldn’t stop staring at my hand and my future husband. This was by far the happiest day of my life thus far. I can’t wait to spend my life with him, growing together and growing in our Lord. It’s amazing how God brought us together! I am so very much so in love with him!

We will be tying the knot on June 8th, 2013!

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