Life Lately

It’s been quite a while, I think I’m a stranger to this blog these days! I really want to get this blog up and running again though! I mean, I have all the time in the world between college, work, planning a wedding, and more…right?

So this week I’m joining with my dear friend Rachel of Life Lover a co-host and our main hosts Life on Leroy and The Weekend File for a link up!

So now I present to you my first ever Life Lately!


The weekend before I came back to school mom and I went wedding dress shopping! It all was just for fun as you can see in this picture, but I ended up finding my DREAM dress. You’ll have to wait til after my last name is changed to see that one though! This is just a sampling of the amount of wedding planning I have been doing recently though.


I enjoyed a night or two out with this guy before going back to school.


I was able to see my brothers and my Mama before heading back to school. It was wonderful having all of us together, even if it wasn’t for such an amazing reason.


Then I came back to school, where this was my view on my first day back walking to my 8am class. Classes are back full force, and while I dislike getting up at 6:45 three days a week, I love that class so I can’t complain.


Of course I have already witnessed some good ole shenanigans since being back at college. There was good reasoning behind this, something was stuck! It was comical and I basically died laughing.


I witnessed some gorgeous days here in Beckley, WV. Too bad it’s a whopping 12 degrees outside.


Just one of our regular adventures with the best friends! We love sweet frog, and cheddars, and chick-fil-a, and basically anywhere that isn’t the school cafeteria.


A day or two after the gorgeous weather we got snow which was ridiculous. But dont worry, it got warm again and teased us, then dropped to bitter temperatures.


My daddy improved while on the ventilator praise God:)


Now he is completely off the ventilator! This daughter is bursting with joy. Hopefully soon I will be able to write a post about our journey through this. Continue to pray for him, he has quite a ways to go before he walks me down the aisle in June:)


I got my ring back! It was being resized! I missed it a lot and I’m thankful to have it back, but I’m more thankful for the relationship this relationship represents. The love and friendship that resides there can’t be replaced or affected by a diamond ring!


So that’s a wrap for my first Life Lately! I hope you enjoyed it and that this gave you a little glimpse into everything that’s been going on! I hope to give a more detailed post on my dad, and wedding plans soon but for now it will have to wait! Have a wonderful week!

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