The Taste

So there is this new show The Taste. 

For fans of The Voice it is basically the same concept except with cooking.

It’s pretty cool, they base their decisions off of a spoonful of the food. Not on the dish presentation, or the chef’s previous experience. It’s interesting the amount of “home chef’s” are being chosen versus the amount of professional chef’s.

It’s got me thinking, and that’s never a good thing.

I like to cook. It’s fun, I like making things on my own and seeing what flavors I can come up with.

But honestly, I have NO idea what I’m doing. I follow some recipes, and sometimes I just throw things together that I hope will work.

But I have no idea why things taste good together. I don’t know how to properly cook them. I don’t know how to properly prepare them, and that frustrates me.

I’m getting married in June, and I will actually begin cooking regularly. I feel somewhat bad for Matt during these beginning stages…more than likely there will be lots of experimenting, but maybe just maybe I will learn why flavors go together and how to properly cook them!

I can’t wait to go an adventure of discovering how to truly cook! It’s gonna be a blast!

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