In Which I Rant About Ranting – Guest Post

Hi everyone! My dearest and closest friend posted recently about something I find to be very relevant and much needed in our society today. We had been talking about it and she decided to blog about it, which I thought was a great idea. So I of course asked her if I could use her post on my blog and she said yes! So here we go, enjoy this post from Charis over at JoyGirl!

-It seems as though there are an awful lot of people in my generation and the one before it who like to rant and rave about things. You know the ones. The intellectuals who like to be very well-informed (which is an excellent thing) and form their own opinions (also good if done correctly) instead of taking anyone else’s word for… anything. The ones who don’t seem to take into account the fact that maybe other people have formed their opinions for reasons.

The people I’m talking about, my peers and the peers of my older siblings, pick a subject and take it apart. They can’t stand the stupidity of the old way of doing things when it comes to church, politics, marriage, family… you name it. They love to start debates about one system or side vs. another. But why? Why argue about things? Why not discuss them rationally, let one another’s opinions sink in, and let go of this obsession with changing other people’s minds? Maybe we should spend our time loving on people instead of fighting with them.

There’s no denying that sometimes, someone needs to speak up and change things. Please don’t think that I mean nothing about the government, the church, the whatever should ever change (although I think that sometimes things are the way they are because they work that way, and there are always repercussions to change that we aren’t able to figure out beforehand). But here’s what I wish my generation would remember: knowledge isn’t wisdom.

Knowing a lot of facts does not make you wise. You can think you know the way things work, but really, you’re 18. You’re 30. What do you know about life? For all you know, you think wrong. What experience has given you such pure understanding, making you superior to everyone else? Maybe we need to give more thought to the reasons things are done the way they are. Maybe we should focus on improving the good facets of things and working to change the bad instead of calling for total overhaul of old systems because they’re not 100% good (um, what is?).

Wisdom and knowledge are not the same. I think you have to have some knowledge to be wise, but having knowledge is not the same as having wisdom. Getting all puffed up and wordy about an issue- or even knowing facts- does not make you (read: me) wise- or even give you the appearance of wisdom. That’s probably worth considering.

Proverbs 4:7: 
“Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.
Though it cost all you have, get understanding.”

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