Spring Break Struggle

Spring break was fast approaching. There were no plans of sunshine, or sand, but that was okay. I didn’t need the beach or warm weather to have the perfect spring break, all I needed was my bed, my family, a kitchen and a week that would crawl by and it would be perfect. When the night before spring break we got hit with a snow storm I kept crossing my fingers that this wasn’t some sort of a sign of how my week was going to go, and praying that the snow left and the week went well.

I went home on Friday as soon as chapel let out. I got to have a great lunch with my husband to be in Charleston, and then spent some time with my dad and my brothers. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at home, eating spaghetti, and watching a movie. It was fine, it was relaxing and I was home! Saturday was equally as good. I rested and then cooked some, and went to a surprise party for a dear friend. Sunday was filled with church, dinner with family, and some afternoon shopping. Later that afternoon I began to feel somewhat sick so I took a nap until church. Church was long and hard as I felt sick the whole time but tried to push through, and I ended up having Matt bring me home as soon as church was over. I spent the rest of that evening drinking sprite and resting while watching TV, hoping I would be completely better the next day. 

Sadly that night I was up sick. It was miserable and not the way I wanted to officially start the week. Monday proved to be a bit better, but I just laid low while I tried to feel better.

On Tuesday I was feeling much and I was excited to spend the evening with Matt and his Nana and Papa as we went to Huntington for dinner and a Marshall basketball game. While in Huntington on our way to dinner I slipped and fell. I’m a klutz basically, and I don’t know how to walk. I knew it felt worse than times that I had rolled my ankle in the past so basically I sat on my knees in the rain with my head in Matt’s lap crying my eyes out before I attempted to walk. I was limping, and it hurt. But I dried my tears and enjoyed a delicious dinner at Max and Erma’s. It’s one of my favorite places to go, so of course I enjoyed it!

Following this I was reminded why I hate Huntington. Matt drove us down to the arena and dropped us off pretty close so he could go find a parking spot. Well. We waited, and waited, and waited. It was pouring the rain and the drivers were psychos, and Matt still couldn’t find somewhere to park. We were standing inside a parking garage across the street from the arena, but between Nana and me limping getting across that highway was going to be impossible. Matt eventually found a parking place and came to our rescue and we were only 15 minutes late! 

Our seats rocked by the way. I’m glad I was picky. We were really close and I actually felt like I was at a basketball game and NOT watching it on TV. Marshall won and the evening was great minus the injury!

Wednesday came and my ankle was swollen and painful, but that wasn’t going to stop me from going to a dress fitting. Probably wasn’t the brightest idea to stand for an hour and a half on a bad ankle, but hey, it’s done with now. Sadly church wasn’t the best option for me that night after having been standing all day so I spent the evening resting at home with my momma, and let me tell you, that was really nice. 

Thursday came around and Matt and I got to go to our first counseling session with our amazing Pastor. We spent a long time talking about marriage, and it was really good. Following this Matt got to act like a husband and drive me to the doctor and hold my hand while they looked at my ankle and I had an x-ray done! Thankfully there was no break, but this is where everything began to change. Thursday I had been feeling not so hot, but I kind of figured it was just my ankle making me weak. When I was at the doctor we realized I had a fever, but I didn’t think to tell them of my other symptoms at that time. 

Following the doctors appointment I had a total fevered breakdown where I sobbed for a good 10 minutes and I couldn’t even tell you why. (Sorry Matt!! Get used to it;) Then we headed to my dad’s for the evening, where I basically thought I was dying. I was really fevered, freezing, and covered in 4 blankets. I don’t remember much about that time but thankfully my fever broke later that night. 

Friday Matt came and took care of me again while my mom was at work and I basically laid on the couch all day. I tried to work on wedding stuff, but the fever was back and forth too much. That evening following a fever break I realized I was itching in a few spots and that those spots were quite hot, and swollen. This is when we discovered I had hives. Upon this discovery we sat out on our second trip to Urgent Care in the past 24 hours. 

They diagnosed me with a Respiratory Infection, and a possible allergic reaction. That night the hives were back with a vengeance and sleeping was almost impossible, despite the benadryl I was taking. 

Saturday was a little better and I slowly started to feel like a normal person again. 

Sunday was a true day of rest as I dreaded my return to school. 

Monday was even better,  but still far from 100%. Way too much coughing and I still sounded like a man.

But alas, that was the end of my spring break. Somehow dreams of wedding plans, baking, cooking, family times, etc had slipped away in a week filled with sickness and trials. 

I’ll admit, I was a bit bitter. I was angry that I didn’t get to enjoy this time with my family. Instead I was just a constant burden. I didn’t get to rest. I was just sick and hurting the whole time. 

But then I began to think…If I had been sick like that during a normal week, I would have gotten SO far behind. I would have been out of work, and school would have piled up. So despite my thoughts, God knew exactly what he was doing in allowing me to get sick then. It really was perfect timing. 

While it wasn’t the break I had dreamt of it was still great and I’m so thankful I was given that time with my family and loved ones! 

6 Weeks until the last day of classes and 7 weeks until I’m done with finals! I can do this through His strength alone!

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