Five on Friday Link Up!

I’m going to be joining The Good Life Blog this week and hopefully every week for a special thing called Five on Friday! Basically it consists of me blogging about 5 random things! It could be anything!

I have decided for this first one I’m going to give 5 updates about our life since I have been off the radar for quite a few months i figured this would be appropriate for one of my first posts back!


I am about to begin my second year at Appalachian Bible College working towards my associates degree in theology! This semester consists of OT Survey, History of Western Civilization, English Comp II, Psychology, and New Testament Epistles I! I am looking forward to it, but I’m definitely a bit nervous about balancing all of this as well as hopefully working somewhere and home duties.  I am also positive I am going to miss dorm life just a bit. Although I like my new roommate quite a bit;)


Husband is attending Concord University and has begun working on his accounting degree which let me tell you folks, he is thrilled. I know he enjoyed last year but he is excited to get working toward a career in something he loves.  Thankfully he is able to attend the Beckley campus for CU which is so convenient! He is enjoying his classes so far but it is definitely an adjustment. Almost all of his classes are in the evening, one even goes until 9:30. So it is definitely an adjustment for him and our family!


I am participating in Good Morning Girls fall online bible study Loving Like Jesus. I am so excited to be a part of this special group of women! I am a member of a facebook group of 20 women from all over the country of all different ages and backgrounds. Good Morning Girls gives us the study guide, reading plan, and weekly blog posts to go along with it and the give tips on how to do the study. Then we daily check in with our group and let them know what we are learning etc. I can’t wait to start!


Well we are obviously living in Beckley now which is so exciting to finally be on our own! We definitely miss our family but we are so excited for this time in our lives!  It is a blast setting up our own home but definitely challenging at the same time! I still don’t know where half of our stuff is! It’s all packed up in boxes that I guess I will go through eventually but until then we will survive on what we have unpacked! It’s fun to decorate nonetheless! Hopefully I will do a house tour before too long!


Husband is now working his dream job apart from accounting! He is a Barista at Starbucks and he LOVES it! I think today was his first day working the cash register and he has made tons of drinks. I even got to go see him and have him made a drink the other day which was quite fun. I definitely don’t mind him coming home from work smelling like coffee instead of smelling like the dish pit at Cracker Barrel. bleh. Regarding my job I am still on the hunt so keep me in your prayers!

Well I think that about sums it up for my first Five on Friday! I hope you enjoyed it!

What five things should I write on next Friday? Tell me what you think!

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