Playing House

My whole life I have enjoyed playing “house”. I played it with my sister when we were growing up, with our neighbors and dearest friends, and even at school. I always wanted to be the mom, or the older sister. Mostly because I liked being in charge I suppose, but for other reasons too. I always thought it would be fun to cook the meals and clean the house and wash the dishes etc. It also meant I got to make the decisions like what the house looked like, and what we ate for dinner (cookie dough anyone?)  But I guess maybe I didn’t see the whole picture.

Don’t get me wrong. I lovelovelove being a wife. I love taking care of our home and serving my husband. Really I do. I’m not trying to sound like I’m complaining or I regret anything. I just guess I’m learning the difference in playing house, and having a home and family.

I probably didn’t think about the fact that I would have to think of what to eat EVERYDAY and try not to repeat foods too much (even though I could eat mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli with every meal…delish.) 

Or that in order to get the groceries to make those meals you have to 1)have money to go buy them and 2) actually go to the grocery store. Bleh.

Oh and let’s not forget that after you cook that meal you are going to have to wash the dishes, and put them back up simply to dirty them all again.

When I played house we had fake money, fake dishes, and ate candy that grew on trees, or food made of leaves for dinner everyday. It was so.much.easier.

There are definitely things in real life that are better though. I have beautiful Fiesta dishes that I get to eat on everyday and honestly, they just make me happy. I love Fiesta. (Which by the way made it’s way into the top 10 made in the USA products)

And ya know, I do get to choose what we eat for dinner which is really good when you are craving something, and I really enjoy cooking and combining the foods to make delicious meals. It really is a good thing.

We have been blessed with money to be able to go buy the groceries we need. Even if it’s not the organic version I want, or the name brand special kind, we are still provided for and that is a blessing that can’t be experienced when you are playing house with fake money.

 Most importantly I have a wonderful husband to sit down and eat dinner with, who also helps me clean up afterwards. He never complains when I burn something or dinner is an hour late. I definitely didn’t have that when I was playing house.

So I guess playing house isn’t that great after all, but I know having a home sure is.


(ps this a wreath I made for our front door. I love it:)

What do you enjoy about having your own home and family? What are the blessings you experience through this, even if they are blessings in disguise?

2 thoughts on “Playing House

  1. Sorry to just read this, Meg. I loved it, though. I can so relate to the realization you have shared….but you came to the realization a bit sooner than I did, and I say, good for you! I don’t think all the responsibility hit me until we had Taylor. We can talk about all that sometime if you want. (0:
    I admit, though, I still love being able to paint my home and decorate it (when we have the money), and I like to fix a good meal (when I have the energy and the money…lol). I love messing around in my flowerbeds, that I really don’t know much about, but I keep trying to get them to look “cottagey” like I think I want them to be.
    Most of all, I agree with you on the fact that we are blessed. We live in a simple home, but our bills are mostly paid most of the time, and we have food to eat and cars that get us where we need to go, hot water, warm/cool beds (whichever we need them to be), and clothes to wear…best of all, we have love for each other and great neighbors and friends. God is good!
    Praying for you guys and look forward to seeing you soon!


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