Within a Yard of Hell

“Some want to live within the sound
Of church or chapel bell;
I want to run a rescue shop,
Within a yard of hell.” 
― C.T. Studd

Tonight my heart was stirred by something that has stirred it many times before. It has shaken me to the core, brought me to tears, and extreme anger and frustration. This thing is Human Trafficking (Sex Trafficking, Sex Slavery, even Prostitution). 

This is not a fun topic. It’s not a well looked upon topic in our world, and especially within our churches. We are afraid to use words such as sex, prostitution, rape, trafficking, or even slavery. We don’t want to offend anyone with our choice of words, or with the pictures of the reality of the poverty and sin that exists on our streets. Most of us don’t even take the time to think of the people in slavery, their bodies sold for the lust and pleasure of men. 

Even worse, maybe we hear of the women on the streets, and we judge them for their lifestyle. For choosing to be loose with their bodies and to simply make money from it. We assume they chose this, and that they enjoy the lifestyle they live. We don’t even think that maybe they were kidnapped. Maybe they were deceived. Maybe they are being beat and forced to stay. Maybe their parents sold them into this. All that we know is that more than likely, they are not staying under their own will. They are not enjoying what they are doing. They have a pimp controlling them.

(sometimes, this is wrong. sometimes they choose this life style, and choose to stay in it.)

I could talk for a while about this, and please prepare yourself for posts about it in the future, but for today please just watch this and think about it for a while. 

Matt and I both strongly feel a passion for a ministry to help these people. We so badly want to get involved in something to help them. If any of you know of a way for us to do this PLEASE contact me. As Christians, we should be ashamed if we sit back, relax, and allow people to suffer through this lifestyle.  I don’t have a desire to go and preach to their faces, to tell them the sin they are living in. Rather I ache to give them a sense of hope. Of redemption.  To offer them shelter, protection, and love.  To let them see the love of a Savior and to hear the Gospel that can set them free from sin. Join us in praying how God may have us minister to these people.  

I’m sick of sitting here near my church and chapel bell. I’m ready to be within a yard of Hell. 

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