In Like a Lion…

Shew. 2014 has made QUITE the entrance.

Husband and sister joined me to ring in the New Year with a knock-off NYE TV show we found as a live-stream online (hello no cable) which was nothing short of comical. It was filled with mexican music, awkward pauses, crappy covers of songs, and worst of all no Auld Lang Syne. We laughed about it and drown our sorrows in 3 different flavors of sparkling juice.

The following weekend husband and I headed to spend some time in Charleston before classes started back. While there the Polar Vortex hit which brought below zero temps, snow, and ice. I was thankful to be in Charleston with family and warmth. When we got back to our apartment, the pipes were frozen of course. But thankfully within a few hours we were able to thaw them out and have water again.

I started classes on Wednesday which really just meant I went to my biology class and looked at my online classes. I’m taking almost all online classes this semester which will be an adjustment, but I’m excited about it. Wednesday evening, I came down with the flu and have been fighting it for the past few days but I think I’m finally on the mend.

To add to the craziness 2014 has already brought us, people in 9 counties of WV including Kanawha county are without water due to a chemical spill. Luckily our county isn’t affected but our families have been. Keep WV in your prayers, it’s definitely challenging to live without water.

As for the remainder of 2014 I have a few goals and challenges for myself!

Mine and Matt’s first challenge was to do zero spending in January. Due to the polar vortex, illness, and nothing in our pantry that hasn’t exactly worked. But it has definitely gotten us to watch our spending closely and not buy things that aren’t absolutely necessary. Maybe some month we can actually do it.

In the past years I have made different challenges about no drinking energy drinks, or pop. For 2014 I have decided that I’m not going to go through drive-thru’s anymore. I have such a weakness for just running through them when I want to grab a quick snack, or even worse grabbing breakfast. Instead of saying no fast food or only so much a week, I just decided that if I want it so badly I will park the car and go in to get it.

I think 2014 is going to be a great year!

Do you have any challenges for 2014?

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