Why We Work

One of my new regular blog reads Life of Bon (along with the Daily Tay) is hosting a link-up today in honor of Valentine’s Day and everyone knows how I love to gush about my man, so be warned of mush that is to follow.


 We work because we work together; we are a team not on opposing sides. We work because we are growing closer to God together. We work because we love to worship together. We work because we can explore, learn, and grow together. We work because we talk it out, even if it’s after an hour of silence (this one is really important to me. I hate people that move on and pretend nothing happened I have to talk things out).


We work because he makes me laugh daily, even when I don’t feel like it. We work because he lets me squeal about wanting a puppy and because he secretly really wants one too (Babe, is it time to get a puppy yet?). We work because we act silly, especially when we grocery shop. We work because we have tickle fights, more tickling than fighting. We work because we sing constantly, and some days our lives are like a musical. We work because we make fun a priority even when life feels heavy and dreadful as it often does being full time students and almost full time employees.


We work because we have grown up together. A lot of people would say this isn’t exactly a good thing, but I cant imagine growing with anyone else. This man has been in my life since I was 14 and I plan to have him around until my life is over. I think it’s an amazing experience to grow up with someone like this.

We work because he knows me better than I know me and I know him better than he knows himself. I know it seems cliche but I promise it’s not. Once you begin to truly know that person you can predict their actions and motives better than they can.


We work because we love each other. I know again, how cheesy and obvious. But seriously. You can say that to someone as much as you want but it still may not be true. You have to truly love them unconditionally and this love will be obviously seen in your actions.

I love the way we work.


4 thoughts on “Why We Work

  1. So well put. And while I’m not religious so don’t have the worship thing with my husband, I think that it really helps when you share anything that means that much to you together. And how cool that you’ve known each other so long and have the pics of you growing up!!


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